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Leonie Brialey 2017 Season
Jan 12, 2017 · 5 min read

Do you keep a sketchbook? What do you fill it up with?

Generally I write more than I draw, so I keep more of a notebook than a sketchbook, but am always trying to draw more. I try to draw things from life — places, things, people. My notebook tends to be a mix of to do lists, diary entries, notes from books I’m reading, poems, drawings of plants, dogs, and myself.

Tell me about your favourite pen.

Micron .4 or .5 depending how holistic/ superstitious I’m feeling. There’s also this uni-ball eye rollerball ink pen that I really like and some Japanese brush pens that are fun to use. I’m also a fan of the humble pencil.

What’s deader — Print or Mail?

It devastates me to think of either being dead. A friend and I have a dream of a low key second hand stationery distribution thing through the post because we buy a lot of stationery from op shops, but so far it’s just us sending it to each other and collecting a lot of beautiful paper and envelopes in a box. I feel pretty dedicated to mail. I love going to post office and how quickly you can build a relationship with the people who work there. I love it. I have a low income healthcare card which means I can get concession stamps which is a thing I’m not sure many people know about?

What’s a good comic you’ve read recently?

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Html Flowers’ No Visitors issues 1 and 2, and also a comic that is not a comic yet but will be soon, Eyes Too Dry by Alice Chipkin and Jessica Tavassoli. About depression and friendship and caring for someone with depression. I’m reading a lot of comics about illness (mental and physical) at the moment.

You tend towards a super-minimal line, what does your drawing process look like — Do you draw straight out like that? Are you drawing up to that point and stopping, or overdrawing and then taking lines out again?

If I’m cartooning I tend to draw straight out like that. Out of a combination of fear of ruining a drawing and laziness. What I like most about cartooning is drawing in a way that is as close to writing as possible. I like cartooning to be kind of easy and relaxing, like breathing. It took a lot of work to get to that point tho? A lot of drawing work and problem solving, like figuring out the least amount of lines to get something across, and personal work also, like learning to accept and be content with my own special kind of pedantic laziness.

You hand drew all your book covers - what do you think about the comic/zine as an art object?

The first print run of the book I didn’t do that, and for the second run it was a way to save a very tiny amount of money and to have a sense of control over an aspect of the book making process that I felt I didn’t have much control over. I like the idea of handling each book and making each one personal and unique. It kind of feels like writing a secret letter to the person who gets the book or a lucky dip of what the picture on the cover of the book will bring out of the content of the book or whether and how the drawing will speak to the person who buys the book. It just comes down to the fact that I like touching things and doing things myself.

I’m not sure what I think of the comic/ zine as art object, because I’m not sure what I think of art objects. I think about an art object like a thing that you don’t touch or you put on display to impress people. More than an art object I would want a book or zine that is precious in a personal way, where the touching and holding of the thing is important, like a letter.

You can see more of Leonie’s comics at

The Minicomic of the Month Club is an annual subscription series of Australian and New Zealand Cartoonists. Subscriptions are open for the 2017 season, you should go ahead and subscribe at

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