Meg O’Shea 2017 Season

Do you keep a sketchbook? What do you fill it up with?

I keep a bunch of books. I’m not sure if they really qualify as sketchbooks as they’re mostly writing — consisting largely of story ideas/plans, and reminder notes I’ve got no chance of being able to decipher later.

Three Eyed Pete

Tell me about your favourite pen?

Right now probably this ballpoint. Because it’s good for writing indecipherable reminders.

This ballpoint (left), This pentel pocket (right)

This pentel pocket isn’t half bad either, because it’s brushy and portable, though the watery ink has been kind of shitting me lately.

What’s deader — Print or mail?

Based on a close, unscientific study of my lovely postie’s chirpiness, I’d say print. But based on just about everything else, I’d say mail.

What’s a good comic you’ve read recently?

I picked up this 1979 Wimmen’s Comix anthology at a second hand book fair in Ashfield (2131!) a few months ago on a whim. Though Wikipedia said Wimmen’s Comix was quite a significant publication I’d never actually heard of it before, and I really dug it. It was both interesting as an historical artefact and also quite heartening to gain access to a diverse range of female narrative voices from the era, as they’re something I’ve had very little exposure to so far.

Your Tumblr says you finished up at uni recently? What did you study?

I did animation, though I think deep down my heart will always belong to pictures that don’t move.

Do you like going to conventions/fairs? What’s your favourite one? Are you coming down for the Sticky zine fair this year?

I’ve been a stallholder at the Sticky Institute Festival of the Photocopier and Other Worlds up here in Sydney so far, which have been both great and utterly draining experiences. On the one hand, having access to a bunch of unique and interesting work (as well as people!) all in one place is incredible, but on the other putting my work on show makes me really uncomfortable, and over the course of the day I’ll inevitably end up having a bunch of awkward conversations that haunt me for weeks.

That said, overall it’s totally worth it and I’ll definitely be there to nervously sweat it up at the Sticky zine fair in February!

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