Sam Emery 2017 Season

Do you keep a sketchbook? What do you fill it up with?

I don’t keep a regular sketchbook though I’m always armed with pen and paper to write/draw random ideas. I prefer to work on a million pieces of paper which I plaster over my walls. I generally draw empty Melbourne cityscapes and ramble about my anxieties of living in the city.

Tell me about your favourite pen

I usually work with 0.1–0.4 Uni Pen or Artline. When I first started out I got all my brother’s ( hand-me-down pens (Staedler and Uni Pen) and I’ve pretty much stuck with them. That said I have an art supply addiction with bottles of ink and brushes threatening to take over 2017.

What’s a good comic you’ve read recently?

I really like Clea Chiller’s Garbage Bags, which I picked up from Squishface Studios. Her raw honesty is something I try to emulate in my own work.

Whats deader — Print or Mail?

After moving to Australia my introduction to Melbourne life was as a postman in Brighton. Sadly it looks like mail is most definitely dying.

As well as drawing your own comics you publish other people through the Tree Paper anthology. What do you like about that process?

In 2016 I started to publish the Tree Paper anthology while also working full time. It was great to be able to talk and collaborate with other cartoonists/comic artists. I learnt a lot about working to deadlines, putting the anthology together for printing and then getting the comic out there. Oh the wonderful stress, but I’m happy with the results. In 2017 I’m looking forward to publishing other peoples individual comics and zines as well as continuing the Tree Paper anthology.

Can you talk a little about your creative process?

I start with coffee in whatever cafe will be my office that day. Armed with pen and paper I write for as along as inspiration/caffeine allows. The middle of the day’s for penciling and starting new drawings. At the end of the day I like to ink and/or write up and revise whatever I wrote in the morning. And sometimes this all gets put in the blender.

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