Sophie McPike
Feb 12, 2018 · 3 min read

Do you keep a sketchbook? What do you fill it up with?

Oh yes, I practically live inside my sketchbook and I feel so alone if I ever forget to take it out with me. I usually look for sketchbooks with creamy off-white paper bound in a way that it can always lay flat. My sketchbook isn’t a place I fill with finished and beautiful drawings. I scribble wildly in them. I do a lot of figure pose ideas, figuring out how to draw petals, lots of greyhound drawings, I’ll scrawl silly little ramblings, and blind drawings of my friends. And my sketchbooks often begin to fill up with pressed flowers and leaves.

Do you have a sweet studio setup or do you draw on the kitchen table?

I have a pretty out of control “studio area” near the lounge room in my house. It’s exploding with pom-poms, sculptures, paper, tea cups, paint spills, hoards of pens, stickers, pins, bits of envelope, leaves and fluff. All the necessary and not so necessary things!

Tell me about your favourite pen. Or brush. Or pencil.

For about a million years I have been in love with these short-nib brush pens from Daiso. They’re never in stock because I buy them all (sorry!) but they are just heaven in a tube!

At the moment I can’t get enough of my muji gel pens! And those really skinny Delfonics pens that look like pencils!

What’s a good comic/book you’ve read recently?

I just read one by Karine Bernadou called Canopy. Hecking cripes, it shook me. It’s basically a ‘silent comic’, it’s all about the illustration. Very poetic and very powerful and very beautiful to look at. I won’t say anything else. You must read/devour.

Karine Bernadou

Why greyhounds?

Well, because … BEST!

They are the strangest and most endearing creatures on planet earth. They aren’t really dogs though… they are kind of an indoor-deer awkward space oddity thing.

Their gentle, affectionate personalities make you feel calm by association. Perfection in a snoot.

Do you have any plans for the comic you’re going to make?

I have a few ideas scribbled out in my wee sketchbook! It’ll either be about a dog that lives on a mountain of succulents, or a curvy swervy lady who can go into her own shadow… or who knows!

You can see more of Sophie’s work here or follow her on instagram

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