Apple iPhone SE Impressions!

The 4-inch iPhone is back.

Image courtesy of Apple

It’s finally official. After the rumours and leaks, we get an official look at the iPhone SE, the latest 4-inch iPhone from Apple.


This is one of the biggest factors of this device. The iPhone SE maintains the exact same stunning design as the 5s. The chamfered edges, the metal and glass, no antenna lines. The only way you can tell the difference between the SE and 5s is whether or not is says “SE” beneath “iPhone” on the back of the device.

Image courtesy of Apple


This is the meaty part of the smartphone itself. The Apple iPhone SE features the identical specifications as the iPhone 6s. That’s it, on to the next topic…

Jk jk, let’s break it down.

iPhone SE comes with the A9 + M9 chipsets. The device is MUCH MORE faster than the 5s and I mean A LOT faster. The M9 chip allows you to say “Hey, siri” without holding down the home button (hands-free!).

Image courtesy of Apple

Touch ID has also changed. It can be used for security and to login to Apple Pay. Yup, iPhone SE is now equipped with an NFC chip which enables Apple Pay. Now, the entire Apple iPhone lineup is equipped with the latest and greatest of Apple Pay.

iPhone SE comes with improved 802.11 ac Wifi connections and faster LTE speeds at 150 Mbps.


Like I said, the iPhone SE has similar specifications to the iPhone 6s. The camera is no exeption.

Image courtesy of Apple

A 12MP with the same features as the iPhone 6s lies on the iPhone SE. The best part…NO CAMERA BUMP. #TeamCrispy photos, better lowlight performance is all on for the Apple iPhone SE, when talking about it’s camera.

Live Photos

Live Photos is included in the SE and it’s still seems like a gimmick.

Pricing & Availability

Apple’s iPhone SE comes in 4 color combinations: Space Grey, Gold, Silver, and finally, Rose Gold.

Image courtesy of Apple

iPhone SE will be available for pre-oder on March 24 and will be officially released on March 31.


  • 16GB — $399
  • 64GB — $499
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