Apple March 2016 Event Recap!

Recapping the good & bad.

Image courtesy of Apple


Apple has been been leaning toward to protect the enviornment. Their goal was to make their surroundings 100% enviornmentally friendly. The technologies that they use and how they use them would be environmentally friendly. They stated that 93% of their headquarters and locations are environmentally friendly. Apple is continuing to produce solar power throughout China and it looks like the entire world.

There’s also a new friend who helps with the recycling of iDevice parts. iDevices usually go out in the recycling or in the trash and end up just being waste, when they are broken. Apple has now fixed that solution, thanks to a robot named “Liam” which seperates the parts of iDevices, so that those broken parts can be used for environmentally friendly products that Apple could make to help the Environment around us.


CareKit is in ties with HealthKit as a way to track your health. HealthKit creates the apps, but CareKit cares for the patients.

For example, a patient with Cancer can track their symptoms and what they need to do after chemo. The app that focuses on that certain disease will allow patients to send reports to their physicians about symptom changes.

Apple Watch

No new Apple Watch 2, just an upgrade on the bands of the device. A new nylon strap has been added. New band colors are available, such as Space Grey for the milenasse loop.

Apple TV

The latest tvOS update will be available for free today and it includes: creating folders, Siri remote dictation, iCloud Photo Library & Live Photos, Bluetooth keyboard support, Siri searching for apps in the App Store, and a new app switching interface that’s similar to iOS 9.


This was one of the biggest announcements today. iPhone SE was announced with the same specifications as the iPhone 6s with the simple, but stunning design of the iPhone 5s.

Click here to read more about the iPhone SE.


iOS 9.3 was officially announced today, after 7 Betas. iOS 9.3 will be available for free today.

It includes the eye resting Night Shift feature which enables the phone to decrease the emittion of Blue Light which can cause cataracts and cancer. That was the biggy.

A new multi user mode is available for iPad for educational institutions to spread this technology across our schools, making education more organised.

Notes has been updated with Touch ID, so your private notes are kept in secret.

The Health app can now show suggestions of other health related apps that can connect to the Health app itself in the app.


Many people expected the iPad Air 3 to be announced, but were shocked when rumours stated that a smaller iPad Pro would be announced. That was the case. A 9.7" iPad Pro was announced with the same power as the 13" iPad Pro.

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