SIB Update 3.0

Image courtesy of Medium.

Weebly has been a fantastic experience for me & my passion for tech, but since college has started, things have been very stressful. The transition from high school to college is massive & taking care of a professional website is a lot of work, so I found Medium, which is so much simpler, yet so resourceful.

The website, along with previous updates, will still be running. I will use it as a part of my resume to hopefully achieve my goals in becoming a technical editor. All tabs leading to external links (Photography, YouTube) will be kept as another part of my resume.

In the past year, we’ve gathered over 336 views & with Medium, I hope to increase that path.

My goal is to explore the tech world and give others a simplistic view of technology surrounding us today. With Medium, simplicity is the only word I can think of, but that’s for another article ;).

I am leaving my website, but back in Update 1.0 (on my website), I said that I would be returning to YouTube, after now 2 years. 2016 will be the year of my return into video production, but it’ll take some time, as college, family, and fitness take a massive chunk into my life haha.

Thank you for all the support in 2015 and let’s hope for the best in the years coming!

– your friendly neighbourhood SIB

P.S. If you’re looking for previous updates, they’re at

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