WWDC 2016: What to Expect

iOS 10, OS 10.12, & more.

Image courtesy of Apple Inc.

Apple’s March Event consisted of small and large updates for iPhones and iPads. What can Apple bring to the tablet, this June?


Like every year, a new version of iOS is said to be announced. iOS 10 is set to make it’s debut at WWDC 2016.

The discussion on removing native apps has been in the talk for a while and the ability to customize an iDevice in the consumer’s perspective is crucial when coming to removing native applications.

Expect a Beta for developers throughout the summer and an official Fall 2016 release.

Mac OS 10.12

Siri may finally come to the Mac with this update & then name of this OS is still floating around. Rumours suggest “Fuji.”

A new filesystem, more Swift programming capabilities, better backup, and better integrations with other Apple devices are expected in this OS.

Update: Apple “leaked” out a new name for it’s next installment of Mac OS X: MacOS.


My prediction was off. We didn’t get any new MacBook announcements in March. Now that WWDC is Apple’s latest event, a new laptop would be great.

Rumours suggest an all-new MacBook Pro with a similar sleek design of The new MacBook. An update to The new MacBook is uncertain.

Mac Pro

Will we be seeing a new Mac Pro? Last time Apple updated it was in 2013. It’s been 3 years and it would be cool for a lil’ refresh. My guess, nope.

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