A favorite spot on campus

In snowy winters, all my life outside has been rendered snowy-white. However, it is much more colorful and vivid when staying in Walter Library. There are about 15 steps before you step into the library. Every time I put my feet on these steps, I can recognize the warm breeze mixed with the smell of books coming to me, even though the doors are still standing closely in front of me.

I love to use the marble staircase, just around the first corner in the lobby, to go to the second floor. The newel and the banisters must have been aged old. It is a feeling that I am touching the history when I use my left hand to feel the temperature of those banisters. They are not cold, but moderate and mild.

The second floor is my best place in this library. Among the bookcases and shelves, I found my sofa. Her surface has turned dark. I guess she was a bright red sofa when she just came here. The European style ceilings are splendid. Every time when I relax in this soft sofa and lean my head to the back, I may lose myself in those glorious ceilings. I enjoy the reading time there. I can curl up my body into the sofa and feel like I am surrounded by warm arms. I am in the moment I don’t care about the weather outside; I just feel like sitting next to a beautiful fireplace and my cat sleeping on my knees. Sometimes, the scent of coffee, coming from the cafeteria downstairs, flies across me. “Yes, that’s my husband, making coffee for me. What a comfortable morning.” I always imagine I am staying at home back in my home country. I close my eyes, take a deep breath and enjoy this warm peace. Suddenly, I feel my cat jumping down to the floor. “Don’t wake me up, please.” I talk to myself. Very reluctantly, I opened my eyes. Then I found it was just my book falling from my knees. I was still in the sofa, with a smiling and wonderful feeling from that small nap in this library corner.

My cellphone vibrates me up that I will have a full scheduled afternoon. It is time to go back to classroom. I run into the snow again. But right time, no matter what bad weather and cold snow outside, I could always have a fireplace and a pet cat staying with me there in the library and here in my heart.