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Aug 12 · 4 min read

Behind the Brand is a regular feature in which small business owners share the stories behind their shop, and offer advice to other small business owners.

Today we are talking to Symone Gates, the Founder of Bade Collection.

Bade Collective is based in Harlem, NY and specializes in elevated pain relief for daily self-care. Their body care products utilize various herbs and extracts including CBD oil, to help relieve everyday ailments and chronic pain.

You can follow @thebadecollective on Instagram, and shop their products here. Use discount code SMALLSHOP to save 10% on your first purchase.

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What makes your products special?

I’ve been extremely thoughtful through the whole development of Bädé and it’s product offerings.

We are a farm-to-skin brand, sourcing the majority of our raw ingredients including our CBD, from female owned farms. One fact many people aren’t aware of, when CBD became a hot ticket item women dominated the industry, however each year more and more women within the industry are failing and/or being pushed out by male dominated companies. That’s why sourcing from fellow females is such an important piece of our ethos that I fight to maintain daily.

Another benefit is our packaging goes against the grain, something you’d be proud to display on your vanity table which is a plus for our older clients who are against the traditional cannabis imagery. Most importantly our products are extremely effective and can be used for all types of pain from arthritis to plantar fasciitis to shin splints.

How did you start this business?

I was working as a fitness trainer full time in NYC straight out of college. It wasn’t what I expected to be doing after graduating from Northeastern but it was supposed to hold me over until I found a regular corporate job.

One month turned into a year as I instead fell in love with the flexibility of creating my own schedule and not being stuck to a desk everyday. At one point I was instructing over 20 sessions per week and suffered extreme insomnia from having intense shin splints.

I started doing my own Ayurvedic remedy research after many natural pain relieving balms didn’t work for me. I began formulating in my kitchen, received a bunch of positive feedback from my peers on the products and I decided to pursue it. I had nothing to lose and no serious commitments that would prevent me from making such a gamble so I figured I take a chance rather than regret not pursuing it in the future.

What is your vision for The Bade Collective?

My ultimate goal is to launch our own brick and mortar, expand into branded dispensaries and have our own female owned farm so we can expand on our farm-to-skin offerings.

Where do you sell your products?

We sell through our own website and via in-person pop-ups through Manhattan and Brooklyn.

What marketing channels have been most effective for your business?

At the moment in-person pop-ups have been a tremendous boost to sales both during and following an event. I’m very close to my products, right now I hand blend everything in my studio and I can tell you how and where my raw materials are sourced. When people chat with me in-person and ask a million questions and I’m capable capable of answering each one, they know I’m legit.

Customers are smart, they know when you’re simply regurgitating a script and don’t know much about the process because the products are made in a huge facility. Nothing is wrong with that, but I think because there are many people/companies selling snake oil and labeling it CBD, customers like to connect with the person behind the brand and experience the product first hand.

I will say Instagram has increased the amount of eyes on the brand and provided us with unique opportunities we would’ve never been privy to.

What is your most exciting recent success?

Essence featured us on their website and we had no idea until a month later. We’re slowly launching into brick and mortar with three stores including a boutique in Southampton which was huge for us.

What advice do you give to people wanting to start their own business?

Just do it. I hate to bite off Nike but honestly just go ahead and start because there can’t be ‘wanting’ without actual action. Faithfully read about your selected business daily and continue to learn.

No one knows everything when they first start and there’s actual value in learning as you go.

Are you a small business owner? Learn more about The Small Shop Collective, and subscribe here for updates.

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