Let me tell you the real story about debt …

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How to use this chart:

Debt is only GOOD or BAD *before* you acquire new debt.

=> this helps you decide what debt to acquire [columns]

All debt you already have is *only* CHEAP or EXPENSIVE.

=> this helps you…

Let’s talk about debt

I have an ambivalent relationship with debt: personally, I never had much and now have none. On the other hand, my remaining legacy business — a finance origination company — couldn’t exist without it.

Along the way, I’ve learned that debt is not intrinsically evil

Many people (OK, some people) know me as an investor. I mainly invest in real-estate.

I am also known as an ‘angel investor’ because I sometimes invest in high-growth businesses … usually, early-stage ‘tech startups’.

I write about that part of my life here and here.

But, my first love is personal finance & this is my journey …

Adrian Stone

I invest in people and real-estate.

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