SMALL WRLD: The Journey Begins

Traveling is something we’ve always been passionate about. There’s nothing quite like packing your bags, stepping out of your everyday routines and heading into the unknown. On the road everyday life becomes an adventure and even the most mundane things suddenly become interesting. New environment, new people, new culture and new experiences break the repetitive cycle of life and make it easier to be present and appreciate every moment. Life is not just passing by.

End of summer 2021 when me, Julius Brander, and my brother Verneri Brander entered the NFT space were exciting times. Everyone was new to the space and not a single new innovative project went unnoticed by people. First there was the art, then the PFPs, then early forms of added utility. Market was growing and evolving before our eyes.

For me the catalyst for fully realizing the potential of the NFT technology came with the projects combining real world utility with the community aspect of NFTs. One could purchase a picture of a funny looking animal and gain access to things like education, exclusive content or beneficial tools. Often times this also meant you would become a part of a vibrant community full of passionate people.

There was never a project that 100% catered my passions and the interests of people similar to me though. Seeds for the idea of a comprehensive utility project build for people passionate about traveling were planted.

December 2021 we got into work and began building the SMALL WRLD. The most comprehensive travel-based utility project in the NFT space with the premise of making traveling easier, more fun and more accessible to anyone holding our NFT.

Fast forward to present day, the end of April, we’ve been building for 4 months and day by day our vision is closer to becoming a reality. A bit over 3 weeks ago we started our initial marketing campaign and in that time we’ve managed to organically build our base community to over 3000 Twitter followers and 2000 fellow explorers in our closed Discord. Since day one our goal has been to build a solid foundation for our community before starting to ramp things up. Now that we’ve achieved that, it’s time to bring something new to the table.

Okay, now you have the backstory and it’s time to move on to the exciting part…

The tweet that brought you here is a sign up for a competition. It’s not a raffle but a sign up to take part. During next week Discord invite will be shared on our Twitter and those who enter will be asked to provide screenshot of the sign up requirements. There will also be a simple form where you have to tell us why you want to join our community.

Once we let you in, you become part of the community and can take part in the big competition.

The grand prizes:
3 winners of the competition will each win a free airdrop of one of the 8 legendary 1/1 explorers from our collection. (These will be distributed after the mint. Further information will be provided to the winners.)

Additional prizes:
Other prizes include free airdrops of the basic explorers for the top performers of our final tournament and whitelist spot allocations for the top performing teams. Winning team will be allocated 30 WL spots, 2nd team 20 WL spots and 3rd team 10 WL spots.

Here’s one of the 8 legendary 1/1 explorers. More of them will be revealed on our Twitter in the coming weeks.

How the competition works:
First of all, even though we’re using the word “competition” here, this is not only about that. As much as the competition acts as an incentive for new people to join our community, it’s also simply a fun way to get the community members active and really engaging with each other in a meaningful way. We don’t support spamming in the chat for WL spots or doing invite competitions and at the same time we also aren’t fans of Discord servers where you have nothing to do. We want to build a community where something is always happening and where you genuinely want to spend your time in.

So this is how it goes…

When we let you in to the Discord your first task is to pick a team for yourself. There are 6 teams in total. We suggest you choose the team with the least amount of members at that moment. This gives you an advantage because only one member per team can win the grand prize. Other prizes will also be distributed in a way that smaller teams have an advantage.

Our early community (those who are already in our Discord) will get a head start and they will get to choose their teams already starting today.

As already stated, the competition is not a single event but rather it’s a gamification of the whole Discord server. We will have different events happening on a daily basis (sometimes bigger and sometimes smaller) and from those events the winners and participants can earn points for their own team. On top of this, in most of the events individual participants can also win whitelist spots for themselves.

How are the points and prizes distributed:
Point distribution depends on the event and will always be announced beforehand.

The winners of the legendary 1/1 explorer airdrops will be determined in the final tournament. Small number of the other top performers in the tournament will also win free airdrops of the basic explorers from the collection.

On top of everything else, as stated earlier, 3 best performing teams will be allocated whitelist spots in a following way: 1st team 30 WL spots, 2nd team 20 WL spots and 3rd team 10 WL spots.

The SMALL WRLD Tournament
Everything culminates in a final tournament in which the individual winners of the grand prizes and other airdrops will be determined and most of the whitelist spots will be given out. More information about the tournament will be released at a later date.

Once you get into our Discord you will already be able to take a look at our early roadmap that has been out almost since the beginning. The official whitepaper and website will be released within a few weeks from now.

However, already leading up to the release of the whitepaper we’re staying active on Twitter and Discord and sharing more and more information and sneak peeks about the project, our vision, our roadmap and our art on a daily basis. Once the whitepaper and website drop, you should already have a pretty good understanding of who we are and what we are bringing to the table.

If you read this far, I just want to say thank you!
Hope to see you on the Discord. ❤



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