Why we are here.

Perhaps the recent threats of nuclear annihilation have affected you with the same discomfort and trepidation they have inspired in me. We find ourselves at the precipice of a second cold war with some new players and others more familiar, and once again, crazy dictators are testing powerful nuclear arsenals to show force and inspire fear. I guess that is the norm now: crazy yelling and threats of violence.

This is the modern world: not so different from the past, just more accelerated and better armed. Better… or more dangerously. It would be better to avoid mass destruction, but we can’t seem to look away. Like a bad action movie.

We deface the world around us instead of trying to create stability. We prefer mutually assured destruction over mutuality benifitial peace, because it isn’t as weak an option. Whatever, at least we are big men with big guns.

Let me throw a suggestion out there, one to put in the box: how about we just try to be nice to people around us instead of being terrified of another country run by a mad man? I know… war happens. We have to be prepared to defend ourselves. This isn’t about that. It isn’t my job to engage in diplomacy with North Korea, plan a war, or run the country. Other people have been elected to do those things. Hopefully they will do their job well: I write code.

This is about what happens before, during, and after a war here at home. If we don’t take care of each other and refuse to stand up against ideologies that belittle our fellow humans, we won’t have the nerve to be a better country than those totalitarians we despise.

Let’s have that nerve.

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