Voldemort vs. Trump

We can all agree that Voldemort sucks. We all hate the guy, and can identify him as the villain of the story. It’s really not that difficult to make a list of reasons why he sucks:

  1. Loves murder
  2. Is a racist
  3. Plans to kill off an entire race of people
  4. Wants to enslave all the people he thinks are inferior
  5. Started an evil murdering cult of racists
  6. Literally rips his soul apart (with murder)
  7. Isn’t even like Dexter and kills bad people, but kills innocent humans for fun/when he’s bored
  8. Tries to kill an infant (and fails like how, sir)
  9. Tortured children as a child
  10. etc.

It is so easy to identify his evilness. Now why does that list sound so familiar? I’ll give you a hint:

Here’s an incomplete list of evilness (with links if you still need proof):

  1. Is a racist
  2. Encourages violence and police brutality
  3. Ran a painfully sexist campaign/is a raging sexist
  4. Is a literal rapist
  5. Encourages an evil murdering cult of racists
  6. Makes fun of people with disabilities
  7. Is a disrespectful hypocrite (1, 2)
  8. Bathes in corruption
  9. Is openly transphobic and homophobic
  10. etc. because there are sooooo many more reasons not listed here (mostly because this post would take 18 hours to read if it was a complete collection of his horrors)

But here’s the thing: Voldemort, while fictional, is also physically incapable of love because he was conceived under the coercion of a love potion. There are instances in the books where Voldemort scoffs at Harry and Dumbledore for believing that love is the answer/is more powerful than evil. Donny John however, to my knowledge, has the capacity to love. Let’s remember that.

So lets’ get this straight: Voldemort is super evil because he is incapable of love, and Cheeto Supreme (allegedly capable of love) is greater than or equal to his level of evilness. Hmm.

I’ll leave you with one last thing from the Queen herself: