I have read some of your writing and agreed or partially agreed. This is not such a case.
Tom Harrison Jr

“ By my count, there are only three sources other than the author’s that are intended to support the argument.”

How many sources did the US intelligence agencies give? How much support of their claims have they offered? We do know they have never even had access to the DNC server. They have not even seen the biggest single piece of evidence in their claims! They have offered absolutely no reason to accept their claims at face value, they have given much reason to distrust everything they say. Our ESTEEMED intelligence community also have told us in just the past month that DPRK was a year or two away from having a long range missile, oops, they tested one days later. Our ESTEEMED intelligence community indicated DPRK has 10–12 nuclear weapons and will have 20 by the end of the year, days later, oops, they already have 60! Our ESTEEMED intelligence pointed out DPRK was a long way from miniaturizing their weapons, days later, oops, they have already succeeded in doing so. Our ESTEEMED intelligence community gave us the James Clapper’s perjurious testimony to Congress! It doesn’t matter how good their low level people do when the top is run by lying political hacks.


While writing this, a pop-up tells me the the FBI feels it is appropriate to with hold documents from the hillary investigation because of LACK OF PUBLIC interest in the case!!!! Yeah, I certainly trust everything they tell us!