Today’s I found myself looking at myself and asking myself the usual question of why. A question which holds great merit to the individual I am. Why do I exist? Why do I have to interact? Why are humans the way they are in this ever advancing world? This along the many whys which take life in that which is my mind.

Strangely enough those whys are answered daily, as much as I throw them out towards the universe, and in some cases they become like candles in the wind.

There was once this moment of me walking with a why on my mind with cigarette in hand and no light to enjoy my moment of relaxation(Yes I know it’s bad for my health). I asked for a light and was greeted with a great conversation as a complimentary factor to my courtesy.

I met a fellow mind who held to themselves many of the same constants which seemingly in these times can turn you into one of society’s rejects…the desolate walk of being formless with regards to societal standards. The conversation covered all I was only capable of covering by myself in my moments of solitude. Indigo flashes of thoughts circulated what was once my cranium at that point because after paying my price of curiosity, It was trapped in an indigo dream.

This dream was filled with fresh air and freedom. I felt as if I were in a land were true admiration and love for all that is life existed. I was taken to a place where I was fueled to continue opening the eyes and minds of others.. And with this I shall begin…

Thanks to you…my Indigo dream..

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