So are we operating under new definitions of gender/sex as well as science now?
Austin Glass

It’s convenient you ignore science that goes against your opinion because you lack the emotional intelligence to differentiate between sex and gender — a distinction science acknowledges. Perhaps you should allow transgender individuals decide whether their treatment works? You seem awfully eager to speak for them when you don’t understand anything about them.

I agree it’s tragic some transgender people have surgery as part of their transition and end up committing suicide, but your concern-trolling entails the assumption all transgender individuals pursue surgery. Many of them don’t. Many transgender individuals who don’t transition will commit suicide. The word “transition” doesn’t translate to “underwent genital surgery”.

You are imposing your inadequate understanding of transgender issues on transgender people when the people best-suited to determine how to handle transgender issues are the transgender individuals themselves.

I can think of one thing you personally could do that might help the mindset of suicidal transgender people: not invalidating them. Telling vulnerable people they can only be what you (and others who think like you) decide they can be — your blatant refusal to accept them for who they are— is depressing and invalidating. Refusing to accept them can lead vulnerable members of this community into thinking they will never be accepted. Acceptance is important. Even cis-gendered depressed people who don’t feel accepted may be vulnerable to suicide.

If you’re truly compassionate, you’d care about that rather than trying to debunk their existence with selective science.