Smart Donation Coin (SDC)

Smart Donation Coin
2 min readDec 8, 2021

Hi, All!

We are starting to use Medium for our project updates and useful insights.

Who we are?

We are a team of dedicated professionals working on the global blockchain project aimed at attracting bloggers and their followers to the DeFi eco-system and giving them an opportunity to earn on their content and creativity.

Pain point we are solving

Publishers and creators struggle to make a profit their digital content. Why?

  • It's hard for publishers to acquire a critical mass of paying subscribers
  • Ad revenue is taking a hit with the rise of ad-blockers
  • Tips and donations are not viable due to the expense of processing micropayments
  • Huge social networks like Facebook take profits from publishers but don’t share revenue

According to Professor Mathias Bertle from the German University of Offenburg from 2018, the chance of becoming a popular YouTube blogger is 3%. The remaining 97%, who chose the platform as the main type of earnings, risk remaining below the poverty line. Every day millions of influencers publish up to 5 terabytes of content, 97% of which will never be monetized.

What if there was a way to allow an influencer of any size the opportunity to monetize their content using cryptocurrency without relying on social networks?

Earning for bloggers Millions of blogs are published every day whereas thousands of blog posts are made every minute. Hence, blogging has become the most speedily developing business activity of today. Whether the content is independent or the bloggers serve as influencers for other businesses, their creativity and self-expression direct their earning through the chosen platform. And taking into account the fact that blockchain is the future, and the DeFi eco-system is steadily developing, Smart Donation Coin provides bloggers with an opportunity to earn money through decentralized finance technologies. Bloggers can receive extra passive income without any investment and difficulties.

Donation system

With Smart Donation Coin, bloggers will be able to receive donations with minimal commissions, safely, reliably, and most importantly quickly and without any restrictions and supervision of third parties. Whether it’s a travel blogger, a business blogger, a game blogger, or any other kind of blogger. Donations can be received from anywhere in the world, and after the introduction of our exchange, the exchange can be made directly on the site.

Benefits of SDC

☑️Bounty tokens to support bloggers

☑️Anonymous and secure donation

☑️Passive earning opportunity

☑️Protecting users from third party control

Stay with us and we will show you how to use our approach in your blogging.



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