Happy Thanksgiving from Smart Armor!

Hey Backers!
First and foremost, we wanted to express how thankful we are for all of you! We hope your Thanksgiving was full of food, family and relaxing. Our Thanksgiving was a bit different this year as it was spent overseas at the manufacturing facility.
Wondering why we are here? Well, it’s with GREAT excitement that we announce that the our final production units have successfully come off the production line, and are preparing for their trip home to Santa Anna, CA. It’s there that they will be assembled and approved by our quality assurance team, then packaged and sent to all of you!
We will send out another update next week with imagery from our 4 factories here, as well as a more definitive timeline for when you can expect them at your door, from our 3rd party logistics team.
Another important development milestone was hit this week, and that was the integration with Amazon’s Alexa. We included of the testing video here:https://youtu.be/pEdCaTUm8yM
And finally, we wanted to take this update to announce our new licensing partnership with FoxxVault!
FoxxVault is a smart license plate vault made of carbon steel that allows you to spare key and items, track your vehicle, and share access via your smartphone. It is built like a vault, works with Bluetooth, it has crash detection, tamper alerts, spare key detection… you get the idea. I have helped throughout the prototype process, and the vault quality and technology are over the top.
Remember, their campaign will end on Monday, and after that, their prices will go up. Get FoxxVault on Kickstarter
It’s SO exciting to be in the home stretch and we can’t wait to show you the final product that will undoubtedly prove to have been worth the wait.
All the best this Holiday Season — Team Smart Armor
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