June + July Update

Great News Smart Cube supporters!!

Everything on Smart Armor’s side from packaging, production molding/tooling, 3PL shipping partner and everything in the line is COMPLETE!

Our first articles (1st production samples) were produced at our factory last Thursday, and we are in our assembly testing process and validating quality control over the next few days. If everything is sufficient, we will then give the green light to our factory to finish the complete production run for all of your orders.

What does that mean? Well, production on the mass scale will last approximately 1 business week to produce, 1 business week to assemble and package and then shipped off to you.

This has been quite the journey, and believe me, I hear each and every one of you… this is why I’m certain you will be proud of the Smart Cube we’ve built for you!

**Also, it has come to our attention that some of you have not been receiving our continued IGG backer updates… I understand these may get lost in the shuffle, so below is the June update that was sent out directly to your email addresses 3 weeks ago. Sorry for the technical difficulties. We will make sure to send out all updates to Indiegogo, direct email our blog, as well as social channels from here on out so that you don’t miss a thing.

[June update: As we waited for the final electrical component (as mentioned last update), we wanted to make it known that we haven’t just been waiting around… we’ve been testing and retesting the functionality between the device and our software application(s). We’ve completely overhauled & improved the user experience, and are stoked to share this with you. Click here to see it in action.

In an effort to be most transparent with you, we’ve attached a screenshot of our internal manufacturing timeline. As you see, the timeline ends in just a couple weeks, and first units will be produced July 17!!

That said, smooth sailing from here on… below, you will find imagery of the tooling process so you can see just how far we’ve come!]

The last 6 weeks have been a whirlwind for us at Smart Armor. Between finding the right fulfillment partner, finalizing all components and preparing to travel overseas to hit “go” — there has been little sleep and a ton of productivity. If you aren’t hearing back from us right away, it’s not because we are ignoring you, it’s us working extremely hard to get these Smart Cubes finished.

In addition, we wanted to remind the backers who are questioning our integrity that we are partnered with Arrow Electronics, a partner of Indiegogo. Both Indiegogo and Arrow Electronics have been heavily involved in the development of the Smart Cube. While the delays are grounds for apprehension, we are not “going silent” and we are 100% creating a product you will love. We truly appreciate all of your feedback and questions.

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