Crowdfunding is an effective way of funding your business. It however takes a lot of effort and dedication to raise funds for your small business. Since there are many businesses competing for supporters like you, it will be great if you come up with unique strategies to attract potential supporters whether from generation of many page views to provision of adequate press material. Consider the following tips to increase your chances of success:

Social media presence

Social media presence is important for any business but must be strategically done to meet your business needs. You can consider picking networks that can well suit your content strategies and marketing. The kind of promotion you come up with should well be accommodated by the platform you choose. Also consider platforms that have potential backers.

Create an attractive media page

The press often recognizes popular crowdfunding campaigns. It would be a great advantage to use the press for your crowdfunding campaign rather than relying entirely on your social media pages like Facebook. It is important that you have a good website to get media attention. Generating good press materials that the media can easily access online can also be useful. The press will more likely promote other projects if they can’t access good or enough material about your business story.

Update your crowdfunding page

A successful crowdfunding campaign relies on effective communication. Your potential backers will always prefer constant updates which you should always do on your crowdfunding platform. Don’t hesitate to put information on the crowdfunding page no matter how good or bad it is. Keeping your backers updated even after the campaign is over is important.

Create a professional video

You can come up with a great video to support crowdfunding campaign. It will be relevant to inform people more of your campaign through videos rather than through plain text or stationary images. When people see a video of your campaign, they will have a better understanding of your project and want to get involved if the offerings you provide appeal to them. A low quality video looks unprofessional and may harm the reputation of your campaign. It would be better to hire the services of an expert to help you create a quality video that will attract people if you lack the relevant skills of pitching a great video.

Set up a reward scheme for your Campaign

A crowdfunding campaign can as well include a reward scheme. Creating a reward scheme will involve people to contribute towards your business with the hope of getting a reward. The reward may be in the form of a product or service offered by your company. Your reward scheme should have different price points.

Study your predecessors

Always remember that there are some entrepreneurs that have already succeeded with good crowdfunding campaigns. It would be good if you invested some time to study their projects and strategies to have some background idea on implementing your campaign. Though successful crowdfunding is not guaranteed, considering strategies that have made other startups succeed can give you some ideas on how to maximize your chances of success.


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