Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality(VR)

Figure 1(Virtual Reality)
  • Virtual reality is real but not actual. Virtual reality takes you into new world while you are in your own surroundings. You will feel that you are at a new place while actually you are not at that place.
  • Virtual Reality places the user in another location entirely. Whether that location is computer generated or a video captured, it entirely exclude the user natural surroundings.
  • In virtual reality you wear a headset which block your real world view and take you into a substitute digital world which is designed to fool your senses. So virtual reality plays with your senses and you feel that you are in a new world.
  • One can understand the working of Virtual Reality by understanding the concept of google cardboard. In google cardboard you have two lenses and when you insert your phone in it the screen is divided into two parts and a 3D effect is created so when you move your head left or right you feel that you are moving your head in the world which is on your phone.
Figure 2( Google Cardboard)
  • Virtual reality also work like the google card board. You load a 3D or VR content into your headset and when you wear it you will feel like that you are in the world which you just loaded into your VR headset device.
  • For Example if you wear a VR headset which is loaded with the VR or 3D content of Eiffel tower then you will feel that you are actually present near the Eiffel tower and you can see toward your left and right in that surroundings when you move your head and when you move your head up you will feel that you are looking toward the top of Eiffel tower.
  • Virtual Reality is cheap and easily accessible as compared to Augmented Reality.
  • With virtual reality you can watch 360 degree videos and you feel that you are in the world of the video.
  • Virtual reality is also emerging in 3D games. For example 3D games like modern combat and Dead trigger can be played with virtual reality headset and you feel that you are present in the world of the game.
  • Another application of Virtual Reality is 3D maps. Using VR tools you can use 3D maps.
  • Top VR devices are Oculus Rift, Sony PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Lenovo Mirage Solo etc.

Augmented Reality(AR)

Figure 3 Augmented Reality ( Real World with digital object of plane )
  • Augmented means to add or increase something.
  • So Augmented Reality create digital content into your real world and you does not feel that you are in a new world. Augmented Reality enhance or increase the content into your real world surroundings.
  • In Augmented Reality you don’t need to wear a complete headset. So your real world view in not blocked.
  • Augmented Reality let you view your real surroundings and the digital content without interfering your real world view.
  • Augmented Reality tools analyze your real world and then enhance your view by adding more content in your real world view.
  • Augmented Reality have a great future in gaming. Microsoft Holo Lens is a device which might be quite useful in near future gaming.
Figure 4 (Microsoft Holo Lens)
  • If you ever use SnapChat new lens filters then you are already a user of Augmented Reality. Many furniture apps use AR to give users a view of how the furniture will fit at their place. These types of apps are quite useful in managing your house space as you can see the digital content from each side.
  • Augmented Reality will revolutionize the world. We will see a high use of Augmented Reality after 2025 because it is a new technology and a lot of work is still required to be done to make this technology available for the commercial uses.
  • Top AR devices are Microsoft Holo Lens, Magic Leap Lightwear, Epson Moverio, Google Glass, Vuzix Blade AR.
Figure 5 (Google Glass)