We have crossed 2019! However, the value of the bitcoin price and other crypto-currencies remains alive on the market!

Compared to the previous year’s statistics, the price has been significantly reduced in the bitcoin chart, but bitcoin exchanges and other altcoin exchanges have a greater volume of transactions.

With these statistics, the number of bitcoin traders has increased daily in the cryptocurrency market!

What is Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform?

A cryptocurrency exchange is an online market where cryptocurrencies can be bought, sold or exchanged. …

In the field of application development, it is obvious that native applications are the best in terms of performance and optimal use of the device’s features.


Multi-platform or cross-platform applications, on the other hand, cover different platforms, offering wide coverage for the developed applications.

There are nearly 1.5 billion Android devices, more than 1 billion Apple devices worldwide and a large portion of Windows users.

When you start an application in the early stage, you cannot create applications for each of these large mobile platforms.

This is where hybrid apps arrive.

Hybrid applications are a solution in this regard, as they can cover a wide range…

The Impact of Implementing Blockchain Technology In Business

A new blockchain technology that grows in a relative field of business, which controls the specified set of records as a block that applies cryptography. By applying blockchain in business will definitely lead to growth and victory in the market competition.

However, it is important for marketers to fully understand the concepts of blockchain technology and get to know them well before implementing it in the business.

The marketing manager should know how to better use the blockchain to turn business into a more competitive one and should have an awareness of how this could be a profit to the…

Why Hire Blockchain Development Company to Grow Your Business?

What is Blockchain Technology?

The blockchain is a digital ledger that provides a secure way to record and track transactions, agreements, and contracts — all that needs to be recorded and verified as done.

However, unambiguously, rather than being stored in the same place as the traditional ledger, the database is shared on a computer network.

This network can only include a handful of users or even hundreds and thousands of people.

This ledger becomes a long list of transactions that have occurred since the beginning of the network and have become larger over time.

How secured are Blockchain based…


The ICO has undoubtedly shown a great advantage of the cryptocurrency, unknown to many.

In addition to being a form of money, it has proven to be a potential way to raise money for entrepreneurs who flock and go through huge cycles of procedures and approvals.

Cryptocurrency has established a simple, beneficial plan for everyone, for beginners in business and for those who help them.

The decentralized market and ICO are developing rapidly.

An initial coin offering (ICO) is a method that allows start-ups to increase their capital by exchanging their own cryptocurrency.

Business owners and investors are paying attention…

Blockchain, the technology of distributed ledger that supports Bitcoin, is the wave of the financial future.

By transforming industries with advanced and optimized architecture, this ingenious technology eliminates intermediaries in many essential services, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

However, blockchain technology and its applications are still in their early years, so different concerns do exist.


Businesses around the world are exploring innovative ways to harness the disruptive power of blockchain technology to securely exchange stocks and assets.

Several government authorities, institutions, and businesses have tested the blockchain development technology and found it incredibly safe and immutable.

Is blockchain technology powerful…

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