ICO Marketing Guide | Checklist to Build Your ICO Marketing Strategy


The ICO has undoubtedly shown a great advantage of the cryptocurrency, unknown to many.

In addition to being a form of money, it has proven to be a potential way to raise money for entrepreneurs who flock and go through huge cycles of procedures and approvals.

Cryptocurrency has established a simple, beneficial plan for everyone, for beginners in business and for those who help them.

The decentralized market and ICO are developing rapidly.

An initial coin offering (ICO) is a method that allows start-ups to increase their capital by exchanging their own cryptocurrency.

Business owners and investors are paying attention in ICO because returns are much higher than the initial investment.

But most investors are scared of scam and criminal activities.

Therefore, to gain investor confidence, ICO entrepreneurs must prove their authenticity.

If you want to make a flourishing and popular ICO business, you have to do ICO marketing.

Here are some ICO marketing strategies to follow to achieve success:

1. Create a Whitepaper to Attract Your Investors

  • The creation of an ICO Whitepaper is the first and most important step.
  • A whitepaper is considered as a stepping stone to success.
  • You must provide complete details of the project, such as your idea, your planning, the legal aspects and all the necessary details in your whitepaper.
  • Your whitepaper should strongly convince your users why they should invest in your project and how they will get a huge return on your crypto coins.

2. Create an ICO website and promote it in public

  • Creating an eye-catching website for your business is essential to give your investors an enhanced impression.
  • Your ICO whitepaper must include all information such as your token, your investment and performance plans, your terms and conditions, etc.
  • Your website should have Contact Us, About Us Pages and Whitepapers.

After your ICO website is ready, it’s time to promote it publicly. You can hire a leading ICO marketing agency to promote your ICO website.

You can advertise your website on an array of social media platforms with engaging infographics, images, quality content, and offers.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Do you want your website to be visible on top search results when a user searches for a query related to your project?

If yes, then search engine optimization also known as SEO is the only way to get organic reach. You can effectively do SEO by hiring an SEO agency to help you.

4. Social Media Marketing

  • There are several cryptocurrency groups, communities, business pages and Bitcoin networks on social media.
  • You should be part of these communities, forums and actively participate in discussions and events of the ICO.
  • These communities will allow you to meet many entrepreneurs, investors, and like-minded people.

Here are some social media channels to get started:

  • Telegram
  • Quora
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Reddit
  • Bitcointalk
  • Steemit
  • YouTube
  • Twitter

5. Email Marketing and Newsletter

Email marketing still works and is very much effective for an ICO. Sending bulk e-mails and creating an attractive newsletter for those who have registered and subscribed to your project will allow you to market your ICO.


ICO Marketing is really difficult. Yes, it’s true!

ICO marketing is very much similar like running a traditional crowdsale campaign, the only thing is that you need to work and focus 20 times harder.

ICO marketing is like a jigsaw puzzle and every piece of the puzzle needs to be carefully placed, so when the time comes to get live, you are prepared and ready to start.

Remember, your ICO marketing should begin at least 3 to 4 months ahead of your ICO launch.