Green AI Compute Capacity — An Exportable Service globally

Written by Lars Wallin of

Have you ever asked yourself, how much electric energy is used by data centers and classical computing, classical computing is your business applications based on CPU’s. A CPU has an energy consumption of 5 watts. AI processors need approximately 60 times more energy or 300W. What will happen when we grow the AI compute capacity?

“AI compute capacity uses 60 times more electric energy than a classical or traditional computer”

If we added up all CPU we could work out the energy consumption, I will not do this here, there is research going on…

Trust me…

Author: Lars Wallin of

Here we look at the importance of a public sector AI framework for the democratic nations and regions such as the EU and to some degree North America, where are we at and what we need to do?

Firstly, the evolution in less democratic or non democratic nations will take a very different and fundamental direction with its own consequences. I will write about this in a later post. All we can conclude now is that the fundamental principles around AI and the state will be fundamentally different because of democratic principles, as freedom of…

The Smartest way to build AI

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