Smarter Dharma wins Parivartan Sustainability Leadership Award 2015 for the most innovative waste reuse solution

Smarter Dharma helped formulate bricks and pavers from waste granite slurry, thereby breaking all existing convictions of waste reuse. With a waste composition of 60–78%, these bricks have been listed by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) as a green product.

This is a great leap for the natural stone industry to reuse and cut down waste. Almost one-third of the total natural stone used in the manufacturing process, does not become part of the end product. Every year millions of tonnes of granite slurry waste is disposed off in unmanaged plots of land. This causes irreparable damage to the environment, degradation of soil and water and health problems among neighbouring localities.

These bricks were developed for Tab India, a pioneer in the natural stone industry, wishing to manage their waste sustainably. Samir Tapriya, COO of Tab India said ‘Smarter Dharma assisted us with all stages of the certification process for our green brick and pavers and pushed us to formulate our product with a much higher waste consumption than any existing eco-friendly bricks in the market based on their research and analysis’

The green bricks are currently being produced by Tab India and are sustainable counterparts to clay and cement bricks that use virgin mined material. Smarter Dharma CEO, Sriram Kuchimanchi says ‘This is a major industry problem that we wanted to solve. Also this solution if scaled up, will revolutionise the Indian construction industry as well. With 70% of the estimated construction by 2030, yet to begin, there is scope for great impact.’

On being selected from among 600 other nominations, for the Parivartan Awards, Sriram says ‘This is a shot in the arm for us as we continue to bring holistic sustainability to organisations which are willing to think ahead.’

About Smarter Dharma

Smarter Dharma is a social enterprise operating spectrum-wide in the field of sustainability. For more details on this solution or Smarter Dharma, reach out to

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