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Over a year ago, we announced the release of SmartGrade because we believe in saving teachers’ time. We believe in automation and in making repetitive tasks easier and faster, so educators can focus on the valuable stuff — educating. Since then, teachers have been using our app to save up time and energy when grading multiple choice tests.

We are now proud to take our vision one step further and announce the release of Exam Creator, a free web-based tool for helping educators create multiple choice tests. …

This is the first post of the “Educators of the world” series, in which I have down-to-earth, informal conversations with educators from all over the world.

I have been corresponding with Alex via email.

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Alex, @yourclassroomhelper

[Raphael] Hi Alex, thank you so much for accepting my invitation. To start, please tell me a little bit about yourself.

[Alex] I am a middle and high school science teacher from central North Carolina. I teach at a small, private school in a somewhat rural area.

[R] Let’s talk about science demonstrations. On your instagram account, I see posts with hands-on chemistry experiments. Looking back at my student years, it seems like I remember the classes with this kind of live demonstrations a lot better than the regular, purely presentational ones. …

Alex making a SmartGrade tutorial (photo from her Instagram)

Alex (@yourclassroomhelper) shared with us an amazing SmartGrade video tutorial she put together for her followers. In the video, she does a hands-on, live tour of the app, while she points out some of the her favorite features.

Let her (and us!) know what you think! What it here:

As always, happy teaching!


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