How to save water?

-A Tube light approach.

“Tube light” in India is a slang word generally used to tease a slow responsive person or a lump. Yeah, you read it right!

So how can a so-called “tube light” approach save water?

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Okay, before you tend to skip this article to go for another one let me explain this to you and let me help you save at least 12000 litres of water in a year.

Let me ask you a generic question. How often do you take a bath?

So, ladies, you have won the frequency battle (unless you’re from Sweden). According to an article published in “The Atlantic” female is more likely to bathe than men. Japanese and Mexicans are more sensitive to their hygiene. In tropical countries like India, people generally shower every day and it depends on geography.

Now let’s view this stats in another way. What is the average amount of water you use during each shower?

The answer is quite fluctuating but on an average, each shower or bath consume 20–25 gallons of water which is about 75–90 litres of water. What? seriously! Sad but true!

Who cares shower relieves every pain. But critically thinking 80 litres of water per day is a great deal for one-time use. Leaving all the daily activities involving water on an average we waste 80 litres of water just in the shower without its management.

Yeah, some of our readers might feel left out as they might shower twice or thrice a day or maybe once a week (Bro! you’re a gift for humanity). There are other ways to keep up your hygiene and stay fresh and not wasting that amount of water every time in a day. Frankly, I don’t shower daily (unless needed :p ) and I’m proud of it as I’m at least saving 75 litres of fresh water every time I don’t shower. Use your maths and see how much water you’re going to save from now. On an average, if you don’t live in a too hot and humid weather you can skip shower 3 times in a week. That is at least 75 litres of water saved each time, so it’s at least 12000 litres in a year.

Now you might call it an excuse to take a shower for a lazy person, see being lazy is saving 12k litres in a year, isn’t it better than being pro-active? Even if it’s a “tube light” approach the main point is to save water wherever you find an opportunity. Be it closing a tap on time during use, turning the traditional Indian tap while you’re looking at the mirror while brushing your shiny teeth or every countless and small opportunity you see in our daily life, do it.

Stop the overuse and misuse of water because every single drop counts.