Pre-sale of tokens 3 extended until August 5, 2021! Thank you, you’re with us!
price -1 STH = 0.43 $
issued amount of 12000000 STH coins

Hello friends to everyone! We gladly wish to inform you of the joyful news! The stage of private sale of our STH tokens is coming to an end and in just a couple of days we open registration on our website for everyone to participate in preliminary sales!
We want to remind you that in order to take part in pre-sales you must pass the process of identity identification (KYC)
Thanks to everyone who trusts us and follow the news soon there will be a lot of interesting and good luck to you friends!

#Smarthereum #whitepaper has already been published on our official website!

You can get acquainted with it by the link

Thank you all for your interest!


Welcome all Smarthereum supporters!

We are pleased to inform you that the Smarthereum test network will soon be provided with staking and delegation to the network. This is a very important step forward to achieve consensus on the network, and we are very pleased with this release.

A quick explanation for the uninitiated with what consensus and staking are: all blockchains rely on a consensus protocol that helps to secure the network and allows the validation of transactions in that blockchain. The consensus mechanism runs on the blockchain nodes (devices that hold a synchronized copy of the blockchain…

What is the Smarthereum testnet all about?

As the main goal of Smarthereum is to enable people with financial background to quickly and securely create DeFi instruments, without prior technical knowledge, we envision the testnet as the starting point of our journey. While we are actively progressing on making DeFi instruments creation possible without coding, the testnet will enable developers to quickly develop novel DeFi products that challenge the status quo in the DeFi space, and provide new investment and speculation opportunities. …

Dear community!

The long-awaited launch of the platform took place!
Airdrop and early access are currently available to you.

A white paper will be ready and published very soon.

Congratulations and welcome to our website

In its current state, Ethereum is not suitable for network activity, in most cases DEX token exchange and steeblock transactions are predominant. This leads to a surge in demand for network resources and a rapid increase in transaction fees, which are processed through the bidding system.
Great interest in the latest financial achievements, that is, DeFi, led to the failure of Ethereum (relatively speaking) in its current form.
Even the simple activation of DeFi projects can lead to unnecessary costs, since the ETH price tag is associated with each action. Often, at least two transactions are required to open product items in…


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