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SmartHoldem ICO 4/11/2017–12/12/2017

Guarantors are independent Escrow Minerjones & Lauda 
Link to the escrow team 
All coins LTC, BTC, ETH come to the addresses of guarantors, the authenticity of the received escrow-address you can check by reference 
Developers receive a portion of the collected funds from escrow at each completed stage of development and launch of the platform ecosystem. 
This ensures the implementation of the project and the safety of the participants funds.

SmartHoldem is an independent, scalable gaming platform with a set of protocols to ensure the integrity and reliability of data storage, where all network members do not need to trust each other or anyone. The platform is secured by a reliable distributed database with the latest encryption and data verification technologies without disclosing their identity.

The SmartHoldem platform is designed to meet the basic requirements of the Poker-Rooms industry, and is a universal solution, suitable for both the financial sector and general applications. SmartHoldem features provide solutions that are not available in most blockchains.

The purpose of SmartHoldem: is to create a guaranteed honesty, transparent and qualitatively new format of Poker-Room and related segments, to introduce progressive technologies of data exchange in the internet..

The project is for qualitatively new and guaranteed honesty games between players in Poker without the intervention of a third party.

New opportunities for progressive BlockChain SmartHoldem!

BlockChain SmartHoldem is designed all-new, providing the maximum stability, security, scalability and transparency of the Poker-Room with support of the built-in SmartEvents event language.

The platform combines the concept of BlockChain with gaming technologies:

  • full transparency of all processes in BlockChain;
  • statistics available to a particular player;
  • impossibility of juggling, there is a random generation of the map layout, confirmed by cryptographic algorithms from several sources;
  • the SmartEvents technology with built-in programming language that distributes assets between financial and game mechanics;
  • reliable tokens provided by the network capacity of the public BlockChain SmartHoldem.

all processes are implemented and regulated by the unique technology of consensus P2P nodes, public BlockChain, GameNet, deterministic algorithms SmartEvents and more advanced modified Proof-of-Stake.

Tickets for the tournament game, the generation of random numbers, the payment of prize money, the affiliate program, the promotion of SuperNodes, as well as the accruals in the distributed network are performed by the SmartEvents algorithm without the intervention of third parties.

Main BlockChain characteristics:

  • Block generation time ~5 sec
  • Algorithm: 2nd level DPoS
  • Delegates level A — 64
  • Delegates level B — Unlim
  • New DPoS algorithms without emission
  • DNS decentralized names
  • Support for internal assets calculation in games (currently Game Chips)
  • AES256 encrypted messages
  • Automated operations / transactions with built-in SmartEvents
  • Ed25519 DSA signatures

Platform characteristics:

  • High-Speed Realiable Block Chain
  • Gaming APIs & SDK
  • Built-in Trading Platform
  • Built-in Gaming Servers
  • Betting System
  • Tournaments
  • Personal Game Client
  • Support for Unreal Engine & Unity 3D


Decentralized Gamechain database, is designed to ensure the honesty and non-interference in the ongoing games from third parties. Players and only players (PoP).

The GameChain block browser is integrated into the wallet and gaming client, provides secured statistical information to specific players. Extended game statistics are available only to participants of the completed game. Statistics is used to obtain analytical information with subsequent analysis of professional players, as well as to improve future versions of RNG algorithms by developers.

It is created as a separate database. GameChain is the most compact, protected from “bad” chains and “attacks from afar”, a new technology developed within SmartHoldem. BlockChain is used in the initial stage:

The block generation time is 5 seconds, Atomic Cross-Chain Exchange, MultiSig, Stream Confidentiality, Commission fees: NO

With enough transaction volume, it comes to the 2 stage and does not use blocks. The concept of a directed acyclic graph, the speed of processing transactions increases with the number of players:

Atomic Cross-Chain Exchange, Stream Confidentiality, Commission fees: NO, Blocks: NO

The future of poker has come. Unscrupulous Poker-Rooms are a thing of the past. Enjoy 100% of Poker![/b]

  • Anonymity and security
  • Constant availability of On-Line, no points of failure
  • Absence of a third party (administrators and other interested persons) during the games. Here players and only players.
  • Fast and convenient interface
  • Tokens block-chain are used as game chips, that will be available on exchanges in the future.
  • An independent mathematical algorithm without administrators stores and manages the Game.
  • There are no delays in transactions, in contrast to conventional systems
  • Unlimited Transaction Amounts
  • Annual tournament is with an automated tournament fund
  • Support for online games in two modes: Texas Hold’em Limited and Texas Hold’em Unlimited
  • Stable GameNet game network
  • Encrypted Live Chat
  • Support for unique game nicknames in BlockChain

We are developing a unique tournament system with an automatically renewed tournament fund and a
starting balance of 1,200,000 SmartHoldem tokens (0.5% of the total volume of tokens).

Taking into account the interests of the holders and players, the platform is completely transparent and has the following advantages:

  • Annual emission: NO
  • Minimum start-up investment: NO
  • BlockChain efficient algorithms: DProof-of-Stake
  • The independent BlockChain, developed personally for the Poker-Rooms segment and related areas.
  • Transparency of all calculations.
  • A reliable, professional team, with more than 10 years of experience in IT, cryptography, business and game development
  • The unique consensus of DProof-of-Stake + SuperBlocks.
  • A deflationary financial model is proposed due to the absence of tokens emission.

  • After the ending of the main ICO, early participants also receive a percentage of unsold tokens, with balance 3000+ COINS SmartHoldem

Bounty Campaign SmartHoldem

The bounty campaign is allocated 3% of the 7,200,000 COINS SmartHoldem of the total number of tokens (240 000 000 COINS SmartHoldem).
All interested persons can take part in Bounty and get free tokens SmartHoldem, having fulfilled some conditions.
To participate in BOUNTY, please register

For added security, enable 2FA authorization in your personal account

12.09.2017 started Pre ICO and will 21 days

Schedule distribution of tokens


New fair distribution of post-gaming results

This means that holders of SmartHoldem and SuperNodes tokens receive a predictable fair number of tokens from many game processes. Suppose that in the period of 1,440 blocks, 1000 games were played, 5% of the games are held by holders of tokens from the superblock accumulation fund and 1% gets SuperNodes supporting the gaming network and other functions of the network. Proportionally to available tokens of the balance.