Forget mood lights — This smart home gadget helps with the perfect romantic setting

You know the feeling

You are rushing in the kitchen after preparing the perfect meal for your loved one or the perfect date. And just as the food is ready the guest arrives. Luckily your smart home is best prepared to help in such a situation. You press your Logitech POP and the light dims and Sonos starts playing the romantic playlist you prepared especially for this occasion. But wait something is not right yet. Its the smell from cocking!

Luckily you have the Pura Scents installed and you instruct the gadget via your phone to refresh the air with a mesmerizing “Aloha Paradize” fragrance. Now the perfect date can start!

Pura Scents — The World’s Smartest Fragrance Dispencer

Listening to our customers has really helped us out a lot, because they’ve told us they don’t want a battery-operated device, they want something they can plug in, really easy to install, and that’s where we’re at today.

The founders of the Pura Scents might have this setting in mind when they decided to enhance the functionality of the old-fashined Febreze or similar products. Outcome was well designed smart dispenser which you plug into your outlet in the living room, bath room or next to your bed. It holds two fragrances per dispenser and you can choose between fragrances like “Lavender Dream” or “Midnight Kiss”.

You can release the fragrance either via your phone or schedule a custom time, e.g. just before you go to bed so it smells good when you lie down at night.

Practical USB charger and Nightlight

Pura Scents in the Night-light mode
Pura Scents in the Night-light mode

What really makes the Pura Scents a well rounded gadget is the inclusion of a USB charger. So you don’t lose an outlet and can still charge your phone or tablet next to your bed. In addition, there is also a smart nightlight that has millions of color options and custom scheduling. Home fragrance as we know it, will never be the same.

Pura Scent run a successful Kickstarter campaign and is backed by people with a significant experience in the Fragrance industry and at Nest. It will cost $69 and can already be pre-ordered.

So all in all there is nothing which stands between you and a successful date anymore.

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