How to always wake up with a smile in the morning!

This one is for the ladies!

You know the setting in the morning at the coffee table. You prepared the breakfast table on Sunday mornings with all the delicious things. Tomato and mozzarella. Salmon and fresh orange juice.

And what is your husband doing? Sitting down half asleep not noticing anything. And above all starts reading the newspaper.

Not very conversational and appreciative. Is it.

With this smart gadget, you can finally grab his attention and let him know what you think.

Smarten up your toast in the morning


Toasteroid offers the opportunity for a payback. The startup is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for $150,000 (which actually is already filled) for a smart toaster which allows you to print images or text on the toast.
 With the Toasteroid you can use their smartphone app to create the layout of your toast and the toaster will prepare the toast accordingly.

A good “toast” should be short, sweet and meaningful! That’s how we make toasts with Toasteroid! Type in any text you want in the app to customize your toast! Tasty sandwiches with meaningful messages — what’s not to love?

So you can toast a heart for your loved one even if he is so ignorant. Or what about “Getting divorced” if it is just not bearable anymore.

Actually it can be very useful

One of the great uses of the Toasteroid is the possibility to “print” the weather or temperature on the toast. Now you do not Even need to open the shades in the morning to be fully up to date what to wear.

I just need to start eating toast in the morning

In a nutshell a really cool device. I just need to start eating toast in the morning…

The Toasteroid comes in two sizes. The small X1 for $129 — which allows to toast two pieces but only one is printable — and the larger X1 for two printable toast for $169.

A bit pricey but the toaster offers a very wide range of traditional toasting features (including an extra-wide and long slot for different kinds of bread).

So watch out for the expected delivery in June 2017.

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