I was doing some math recently whether airbnb or long time rent is the more lucrative in terms of returns.

I wasn’t surprised when the numbers were almost identitcal…

So let’s see the pros and cons of both method. If you are opting for airbnb, there are several factors you should take into consideration.

  1. Strong seasonallity: on a high season you can reach a pretty good money however reaching 50%–60% booking rate is quite the market benchmark. So what happens with rest 40%-50% when you are not booked?
  2. Doing the sales and logistics by someone else: If you do not…

After long months of development, We are very excited and proud.



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Many of you think that this post is about hidden jealousy. However it sounds so, it is not and it is not even meant to be.

Several documnetary, news feeds by evangelist was published and aired, how Sillicon Valley(SV) is fantastic for startups, and every startup which want to be the next tech giant should be there. Frankly this is the biggest BULLSHIT I have ever heard.

The reality on the other hand is having a Startup/project and moving to SV is the 21st century edition of GOLD FEVER, and gold digging. …

In today’s accelerated and impersonal world we don’t have the time to vote trust for strangers.

If we buy a car we are consulting or are taking our mechanic with us, in case the seller is up to something. If we decide to hire a carpenter to produce a closet or a table we choose him upon recommendation and not because he was the first result on google.

Renting out a flat is at the pinnacle of the distrust pyramid. The landlord or the owner rents out her beloved property to a total stranger. …

Let me tell you a true story which start with the same old line: A friend of mine….

So a friend of mine who graduated from one of the best University from the west coast, moved back to San Francisco, and luckily got a job there. So far every story starts like this one, but what is going to follow?

So the ONLY thing left for her is to find a flat to rent a mini studio. …

Finding the best tenant always depends on the property itself. Just to name the obvious parameters (location, size, price and amenities). These are the prerequisites which contribute to draw the tenant’s interest.

You must keep in mind that landlords always have the right to let their flat to whomsoever they want.

BUT landlords are not allowed to refuse a potential tenant based on his/her ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, etc…

Tenants must always meet and have to be able to pay the rent. It is an imperative.

So landlords should focus and ask sensitive questions about the tenant’s employment, income and…

“People usually love to own things, like money, property, gadgets ; it is in our blood.”

We just love the notion to have something: either it is in our hands, on our bank account or a place where we can sleep.

We save for years to buy a place or we take up a credit to bring the property buying forward in time. Certain part of the world e.g. in Berlin 90% of the people lives as a tenant.

Across the Atlantic less and less people can afford to buy a house, apartment or a flat. It is because of the skyrocketing real estate prices. The financial crisis in 2007 was the quint essence of it…

The rental agency effect…

Contrary to any letting agency’s statement, they do not share the same values as the home owners. Agencies are maximising their revenues and if needed they are ensuring full occupancy thus raising the rental prices to the skies. I think everybody has heard of skyhigh rental prices literally for shoeboxes see example below.


Letting agencies standpoint is acceptable, but they DO NOT DELIVER ANY PERSONAL VALUE. Housing rental market became impersonal and rigid and geographically fragmented. Rules are different from city to city from country to country.

What if the landlord would renting their house, appartment, room, to someone…

Tamas Bajor

CEO of smartlet.co, innovation, enthusiasm, letting, cycling

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