Why do you need a positive tenant reputation?

“People usually love to own things, like money, property, gadgets ; it is in our blood.”

We just love the notion to have something: either it is in our hands, on our bank account or a place where we can sleep.

We save for years to buy a place or we take up a credit to bring the property buying forward in time. Certain part of the world e.g. in Berlin 90% of the people lives as a tenant.

Across the Atlantic less and less people can afford to buy a house, apartment or a flat. It is because of the skyrocketing real estate prices. The financial crisis in 2007 was the quint essence of it, just the other way around. People had to move out from their freshly bought place and needed to move in a rental.

Looks familiar?

East Side eviction cc. 1910, author unknown

In countries where the rental market is so big and so saturated, the need for a landlord and a tenant risk assessment became inevitable and crucial. The lack of secure feeling leads to difficulties from both sides.

The main motivation for landlords and tenants alike is to avoid any negative experience. Landlords strive to find the best tenant. Thus finding the most reliable tenants landlords have created a rental procedure which is full of red-tape, papers, money and time consuming. To cut the long story short rental procedure is: a PAIN IN THE NECK.

For a Rookie or a first time tenant, it is nearly impossible or at least hard to find the right place for the right price, because they do not have rental track record. Landlords are asking for reference letters or calling each other in order to get the necessary background check about a potential tenant.
Every tenant should have a transparent and assessable rental track record. They should start setting it up the sooner the better as an investment into the future. So rental track record is essential, so that the hunt for renting a flat -in the present rental market conditions-,would take only a few hours instead of months.

An existing rental track record has a prompt positive impact in the hunting,

1. tenants can save loads of money
2. they could have a better flat
3. they can earn the landlord’s immediate TRUST.

Disclaimer: Author is the CEO of smartlet.co a tenant rateing and search platform/App


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