By Alice Vender

We’re delighted to announce the latest feature of Smart Moderation: our social media customer lead and churn detection feature is live! With this new feature, Smart Moderation users can automatically identify customer lead candidates and potential customer churn by analyzing the contents of their social media comments. This technology is essential to social media customer engagement, helping brands reduce churn rate and improve customer relationship management.

Why is Customer Lead Identification Important to Customer Relationship Management?

Lead nurturing is engaging your target demographic, providing them with information at any stage of the consumer journey to help them make their purchasing decision. By engaging with consumers that your…

By Ciler Ay Tek

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added Disqus integration to Smart Moderation! This means it’s easy to moderate your comments and engage with your audience right from the Smart Moderation dashboard — the same place where you’ll find comments from your connected social media accounts. This way, you can finally engage with your entire audience from a single dashboard with Disqus integration.

We’re building upon what already makes the Disqus comment system in WordPress great.

Disqus comment system for WordPress offers a wealth of simple, easy-to-use features to help publishers grow and engage with their communities. These key features include:

  • Easy, engaging Disqus comment moderation: easily collect comments and…

By Alice Vender

A social media crisis can strike at any moment, quickly ruining a brand’s reputation. Whether battling bad press or an onslaught of angry comments and customers, crises online can be tough to control. Because of this, it’s important that you understand how to recover from a social media crisis before it happens. This way, you’ll have a chain of command and protocol in place to help you calmly navigate a controversy.

Worried? You don’t have to be! Here’s how you can prepare and deal with a crisis before it snowballs out of control.

Focus on Social Listening

A good rule of…

By Alice Vender

Since early this year, Facebook has implemented an artificial intelligence tool that automatically scans user content for triggers that might point towards terrorism and other violence, including self-harm and suicide. The sophisticated AI doesn’t just read the text but also checks photos and video.

The obvious benefit to the AI is that the social media giant can now deal with illegal content or imminent threats immediately rather than wait for a vigilant user to report it. While the technology is relatively new and still being developed, Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement that it already generates one-third…

By Ciler Ay Tek

Lots of YouTubers have trouble managing their communities. Between shooting, editing and promoting their content, community management and engagement is often a forgotten afterthought. But engaging social media management can lead to a stronger sense of community and better content. If you struggle to make the most of your YouTube channel, establish some good habits with these tried and true YouTube tips.

Be Transparent About Community Management Guidelines

A common issue that users have with community guidelines is the assumption they aren’t consistently enforced — or that they’re not even made known. Establish a set of guidelines for your YouTube community about…

By Lena Harris

The 2017 Emmys came and went, featuring a star-studded show fraught with drama and surprises (we’re looking at you, Sean Spicer). While the annual awards ceremony was entertaining as always, the real fun was happening online, where viewers shared their observations in social media comments.

Do you dare to vicariously relive the 2017 Emmys? We’ve collected some of the best Emmys reactions and social media comments we could find so you won’t miss a beat.

One of the most common Emmys reactions came from viewers who couldn’t believe how good the stars looked despite their age:

By Alice Vender

Because trust in advertising is at an all-time low, consumers are looking towards each other to find the best products, services and brands. With social media and online reviewing platforms, word-of-mouth marketing has become an increasingly important way for brands to assert themselves in the market.

How does a brand tap into this new marketing landscape? One solution is to develop a user generated content marketing strategy with the help of an influencer marketing campaign. …

By Alice Vender

When building a blog, it can be difficult to choose the proper comments plugin for your site. You need one that provides useful analytics, employs spam protection and invites your readers to engage and participate with your brand. That said, not all comments plugins are equal.

Two of the biggest options on WordPress and other blogs are Disqus and the Facebook Comments Plugin. What are their features, and where does each platform shine? Before comparing the two, let’s check out what they have to offer.

Enjoy Cross-Platform Comments with the Facebook Comments Plugin

With the Facebook comments plugin, anyone with a Facebook account can comment…

By Ciler Ay Tek

We’re so proud to announce that Smart Moderation is integrated with one of the best all-in-one marketing software solutions in the world: HubSpot! Now, Smart Moderation is available within HubSpot’s Beta Integrations! Yay!

HubSpot defines their software as “…an inbound marketing software platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.” and offers different tools to help them with SEO, blogging, marketing automation, web analytics, emailing, landing pages, social media and more — works almost like a complete content management system (CMS).

Smart Moderation + HubSpot Integration is one of the best HubSpot integrations…

By Ciler Ay Tek

In a recent Wired profile, Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom discussed his desire to clean up Instagram — and the internet — from abuse. Months ago, Twitter co-founder Ev Williams expressed similar concern about the toxic nature of discussion online. As social networks grow in popularity, they face greater numbers of comments to moderate to ensure a safe space for their users.

But does social media need to be cleaned? And if so, how can they do so without infringing on users’ freedom of speech?

Why It’s Important to Block Hateful Comments

Scrubbing a network or digital community clean of abusive comments is important…

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