I hope someday, Love wins over Terrorism

I believe there are so many people in this world, who despite of loving selflessly end up dwelling into tears. There are so many people who just can’t get enough from life, whose entire life is ruined battling the cruelty of this hardhearted world. This ruthless world has deserted the love stories of so many people with guns and grenades. But, over the years, the love has always won over this insensitive world. I believe these boundaries, religions, terrorism and politics are going to be wiped out one day. The world without bloodshed, the world without boundaries, and the world where love is the only religion will shape up someday. One day this world will break free from the chains of religions, this world will throw away the thorny crowns of power and desires, this world will learn to live and to love. People will learn to carve their names on hearts, not on marble.

The world will understand that, bombs don’t have power to crumble the love. Terrorism may only expand borders, but it won’t bring people closer. Bullets will surely get through the hearts but they will never get you somebody’s heart. Revenge may sometimes make you feel better. But, someday when you are alone lying on your bed you will feel ashamed about your acts. Anger, resentment, and jealousy don’t change the heart of others. It only changes our own. The people in our world are very modest in reality. Love is the purest emotion of all. May be someday everybody will understand the fact that, one doesn’t need power to influence the public. What one needs is a little care and love to be cherished to sway people.

I hope someday, this world will be like it was created by the almighty. And in that world, all the love stories will blossom.

One day, love will win this race of hurdles. I am waiting for that day.

- Swapnil Sanjaykumar Kotecha