Want to boost your sales rapidly? Explore 7 benefits of outdoor advertising!

Are you tired of feeling “invisible” behind your business image?

Do you feel like people aren’t giving your business a second look?

Do you know your current marketing materials don’t do justice to your business?

Here’s how to change everything (for the better)

You’re smart about running your business, but you may have never learned how to create a recognizable brand for it.

You know the advantages of a well-crafted brand. A brand that conveys all the benefits your business offers through words, images, colors, fonts and more.

You know that you’ll sit up a little straighter and feel more confident talking about — and directing people to — your business when you have a brand that works.

But you may have no idea where to start working to improve it. And you may not feel “artistic” enough to do it yourself.

Today with the changing scenario, the changes occur in the outdoor advertising field. You can’t believe that various platforms have been developed that can reach your target audience.

It includes outdoor ads like giant posters, benches, signs on bus stops advertising on buses, trucks, taxis even inside the shopping malls, escalators are painted with marketing messages.

What a beauty! Isn’t it?

OOH advertising has become the leading form of advertising in the US with 66% of total annual revenue in a roadside advertisement. Today revenue is 73% in local ads, 9% in public service ads, 18% in national ads.

Source Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Out-of-home_advertising

Previously a newspaper, radio or TV was the great source of advertisement but new ideas are developing every day that demands something new and exciting.

Today’s Sources are Mobile in nature….

Today’s source is an outdoor advertisement which is new, mobile, interesting, attractive and entertaining. It reaches its audience as an element of the environment.

In the recent years, it has been founded in the UK that digital out-of-home advertisement has grown at a 29.7% CAGR from 2009 to 2014.

So we are revealing some of the major benefits of outdoor advertising that is going to boost your sales rapidly

Benefits of outdoor advertising


Many of the advertisement are noticeable by the audiences like in the shopping malls, on roads, posters in buses and taxis. If the number of people aware of your product and services then gradually your sales increases. And similarly, your brand awareness promotes among consumers. Additionally, this form of advertising provides benefits to communities and building while waiting for the bus and train.


You should know that outdoor advertising has the lowest cost per thousand than any other form of advertising. In fact, cost is very cheap as well as very economical.


When you walk through road and buildings you found a sign either telling you about the direction of road or distance in KM. It helps the audience to provide information and direction to support in their lifestyle.


The occurrence of the audience is strong due to the medium of the message is provided with picture faultless background. Such as lamppost banner advertising allows the consumer to target on environmental location and generate a huge awareness promotion.


Outdoor advertising captures a large number of audience in the daily basis. For example walls, cape advertising covers a huge area having attached to the building covering in big shape and sizes.


Posters with pictures generally target customer because of having highly and clearly visible in the traffic and roads. This can achieve the market objective and promote your brand rapidly. These days pictures poster has very attractive size and beautiful colors, the beauty of posters attracts the customer.


Millions of people will look at your ads and spend money on buying your product. Your ads must be big and bold enough to attract attention.

Telling lies does not work in advertising.

While there are almost 50,000 billboards in Canada and only just around 5,000 of them are digitized. LED TRUCK ADVERTISING i.e. is a form of a mobile billboard, an advanced digital display system can show as many as eight advertisings but a static board displays one, and studies have demonstrated that people have a tendency to take a look at them for longer.

Digital billboards are evolving from novelty to mainstay.

What are you waiting for?

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