Does Art Have The Power To Influence The World?

It has long been an ideal for poets and artists who believe in the ability of creators to act on the world in which they live. An artist concerned with reality sooner or later will feel the need and the duty not to ignore the social and political events that agitate the world in which he lives.

How does a visual artist behave in his work in the face of hot news? How does he put his hand to the paste so as not to be in the posture of one who merely passively watches? Does he hope to help change the course of events?

These are some of the questions underlying the current situation devoted not to what is called an engaged art but rather to an art that engages its author in reality.
 Art is what comes closest to the science of miracles. To create is to Live and Live is to create. To understand art, one must have time and the mind in peace. It is a privilege today of “billionaires” that is not given to everyone.

This is also why works of art and art: “Contemporary” are also expensive! Because; In fact, this is a good investment when you have money!
 What leads to reflection is by nature good for the mind and what is good for the mind is also good for the body.

The art of Mandala , for example; A yantra that directly affects the sense of sight — Reminder — There are 5 senses: “Sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.

“ That which is below is like what is above and what is above is like that which is below” Quote of Hermes Trismegistus that is found in the emerald tablet. (Alchemy) Everything that allows man to evolve and thus change is excellent by nature if, of course, it is at the service of the good, the beautiful and the noble.

But can art be judged? Of course not !

There is light, but there is also darkness. Generally, we can see that light is the source of LIFE and darkness is the source of death. So, one can easily say: Make your choice Comrade! Do you want to live or die? Do you want to build or destroy? Do you want to dominate by “chaos” by demanding a direction or proposing to each one through discernment the path of his choice?

And yes … So must be Life …

Be sure that art can change the world, provided it is understood. But to understand it one must have time. And, as time is money, people are more likely to run after money than after art because they lack time! So it is not art today that is the most capable of changing the world, but money through the economy of sharing, redistribution and knowledge.

Would you become a “ Legend “? And well finds a clever” Solution “ that will allow your brothers and sisters to finally have time to reflect.

Art is an anti-conformism / immortal power by nature, but they are the ones with the most money Who strangely collect the most works of art! Everything is reversed! Are they looking for Life through art or more Power?

Thought is a power that is expressed through art.

The question is: Does buying or exhibiting art seek to control minds by “ fashion “ effect? Are we seeking, through art, to maintain a thought, an epoch, which by its “ simple “ nature is changing and permanent: “ Impermanent “? And if so, for what purpose and with what objectives? 
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