Now i’m a Social Media graduate….

What a hectic 6 weeks! Firstly getting my daughter all organised to go back to residential college. That took lots of persuading as after being home for 8 weeks she was beginning to doubt just how much she loves it there. Even two minutes to her house after 150 miles she was still saying she wants to go home! It all turned out well once she had settled in and I came away distraught at leaving her once again. She’s 20 years old and I still cry likes it’s the last time i’ll see her.

Two days later I had to take my Mum into hospital. She had Myeloma cancer a year ago, and had a hard battle with chemo until June/July this year. Her cancer levels had gone down to zero so she was due to go back for a check up in October. Unfortunately it came back ferociously and she spent a further two weeks in hospital having test after test. The worst happened and we saw her just deteriorating in front of us and she lost her battle. I feel so sad for her that she had so many more years to have fun. I’m more annoyed that for the last 6 months all my spare time has been spent on the #Digital Mums Social Media Course and it has robbed me of that precious time with her. I’m guilty that I loved the course so much I promised her on her last day that I wouldn’t let the course be in vain and I would really make it work.

Amongst all of this my husband started a new job, I had to submit my final reports for the course whilst visiting the hospital each day, all day sometimes plus keep some kind of normality in the house for our other two kids and remain ‘ok’ sounding for my daughter away at college. Then since the horrible day she died it has been one long blur of upset, pain, frustration, memories and lots of signs from the lovely robins in the garden.

Each day I think about my @SENSmiles page and think when will I get back to it. So here I am my first blog in what seems like months. I passed the course which was a bit of an anti climax after what was going on but i’m determined that one day i’ll celebrate all this hard work.

So Mum, SenSmiles is back on! X

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