Either Fight for Blexas or Get Out of the Way

Election Night, November 2014 was one of the darkest days I’ve ever experienced in the world. 10 years prior, I had been in Ohio, working for the Ohio Democratic Party and trying to unseat my former governor in his re-election bid for president. I knew the man who gave the official numbers to the Kerry campaign and told them there was no way he could win with the number of provisional ballots still on the table. So, I know something of dark elections nights.

There’s an inherently personal feeling surrounding…

“‘Cause I’ve got a golden ticket
I’ve got a golden chance to make my way
And with a golden ticket, it’s a golden day”

It’s nonsensical how some thoughts or words come to us at certain times in our lives. For me, lately, every time I see Donald Trump appear on television or my news feeds, I can’t help but think of the song, “I’ve Got a Golden Ticket” from the 1971 version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

I can even envision Trump singing and dancing to it in my head — had he taken the simplest steps…

The sweat was dripping off my body as I waited at the bus stop. Even though it was twilight, the Houston humidity isn’t learned enough to stop just because the sun is setting. I had my headphones on, trying to project an air of “leave me alone” that women are all too familiar with, out of survival. But, it was Houston. And I was dressed for summer.

Houston has not had an adequate investment in public transportation in decades. The bus stop was merely a pole, not even a bench to sit and wait at.

I was listening to music…

Trump is using the baseline of only 200,000 people dying as a victory lap for this crisis. He will campaign saying that instead of the 2.2 million that could have died with no action, he kept the numbers to a tenth of that.

This is wrong. That number, which I do believe we will likely reach, is 4 times the number of soldiers killed in Vietnam — a war spanning years versus the 3 months we are about to endure.

Most of those 200,000 deaths could have been prevented with early testing. …

When the U.S. Congress initially started to draft legislation for emergency aid to the American worker, they didn’t consider the American worker over the need to create a $500 billion slush fund that gave oversight to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, who would withhold the names of the corporations from the public for six months, or after the 2020 Presidential Election. For those of us with experience in the Labor movement, we were not surprised.

Labor laws as they currently exist in the United States are heavily weighted in favor of corporations, as they have steadily chipped away at workers’ rights…

“I think she’s a great candidate, but can a woman really beat Trump?”

This question was asked every single time a woman announced her candidacy. It was asked by reporters in the mainstream media, a group still largely represented by white men, both as reporters and their editors. It was asked of women like myself, when we announced our preferred candidates and those candidates happened to be women.

At no point was any man in the Presidential race asked whether he could really beat Trump in the General Election. …

I can’t remember my exact age, but I was in a daycare program after school. The sun was out and it wasn’t too hot, so Tommy* (*not his actual name) and I were playing on one of those plastic playground sets outside in the back courtyard. In his exuberance, he came up to me, held me down, and kissed me twice. Pretty forcefully.

I remember running back inside. Obviously upset, one of the workers asked me what was wrong. When I told her, she gave me a smile and said, “that just means he likes you.” …

Texas has a long history of being so depressing to Democratic voters that it didn’t even qualify for “underdog” status until 2018, the year the Lord and Savior Beto O’Rourke came from the hallowed halls of social media to run for Senator. Finally, Texas had a chance to show the world that it did not fall into an impenetrable deep red chasm, that is until Tuesday, November 6, 2018, when in cruel disappointment after an exciting and energized campaign, we lost statewide contests yet again.

How Far We’ve Come

The biggest question Texans face over the 2018 loss is: did Beto really ignite the…

When I was 18 months old, I nearly died from pneumonia. I don’t remember it, but I do still live with asthma that I was diagnosed with during that prolonged hospital stay. My parents took turns staying with me in the hospital; one would go to work while the other slept with me, then they would reverse shifts.

Growing up with asthma, I stayed home a fair amount of days as a sick child. I don’t remember my Mom being the person to stay home with me, but I do remember my Dad doing so. …

Ivanka Trump is right. American people want to work for what they get, but they also want a level playing field and the opportunity to get ahead if they work hard. That’s not the current schema of the American worker and that’s not how Ivanka built her business.

Ivanka Trump gives an interview.

At my last full-time office job, our shipping department, the very crux of the whole business model was run by a full-time worker. The problem is, in order to be financially independent enough to live away from home, she had to work two full-time jobs. We knew approximately when she would be…

Bethany Bannister

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) with strong opinions with a kind heart. Combined with excellent writing, these are my super powers.

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