JS Compressor is an online free javascript compressing tool that minifies and compresses javascript files. This amazing tool reduces file size by removing extra whitespaces, and characters that are useless. This free JavaScript Minifier or JS Compressor by Small SEO Tools can help compress, obscure or minify JS online. This JavaScript Minifier is a JavaScript minify tool that can help you minify and compress JS online. The tool works incredibly by decreasing the file size by removing all the unnecessary white spaces, lines, and indentation as well as unused characters. …

Compressed CSS means a faster loading website which all equates to a better visitor experience to your site. Equally as important is that Google now factors in load times into your sites page ranking which means that all webmasters need to do everything they can to speed up load times. There are many factors involved in increasing your site load times but one part of the overall optimization process is to compress your CSS.

Use our free CSS Compressor tool to compress and optimize your CSS files. Simply copy/paste your CSS and compress then copy/paste the results back into your…

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