Best teaching strategies while using simulations

As an educator in the field of management, I have experienced in the first hand how incorporating business simulations can make a huge difference. It is however important to remember to change your teaching techniques to get the best out of the students, get fabulous results and prepare real world job-ready students. I found this article regarding the most effective teaching strategies for business simulation games, written by Boston based Smartsims, which I found very interesting. It details the very strategies that I have been using over the past few years. Smartsims also has case studies of their experience which give an interesting insight into the possibilities of the partnership between education and simulation.

I would continue to elaborate that if you have a large class, breaking the class into meetings with students can be really productive. Student can detail their ideas for the simulation and how they are using theory and you can provide assistance to them. Students really enjoy the chance to meet with the teacher and detail their views. While each course is designed differently, I find it best to run at least 7 to 8 rounds of the simulation plus two practice rounds to gain the most from the simulation.