Do Women’s Compression Capris Enhance the workout?

The following article will tell you about the benefits of working out in compression clothing and also why it is useful to wear.

From the past years, many people who begin exercising started wearing compression clothes. The fitted socks, tights, shorts or shirts improve the performance while exercising and also speedy recovery after completing it.

The rationales for wearing women compression tank or any other garment are logical enough. The garments intend to increase the blood circulation so the oxygen gets deliver for improved sports performance. The clothes intend to refine the proprioception which is someone’s sense of how the body should get positioned in space. Better proprioception improves the efficiency of movement and also reduces the number of muscles that need to be activated, making the exercises less tiring.

The clothes are also believed to decrease the fatigue and the soreness after exercise by squeezing the muscles with no hands massage and also by increasing the blood flow to the muscles that help to flush out all the unwanted exercise related biochemical. The evidence to support these benefits has been anecdotal largely.

For the new study that was published in International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, a doctoral student at the Indiana University decided to perform one simple test of compression gear. She rounded up many female distance runners, some of them who regularly wore Women’s Compression Capris.

She equipped all of them with monitors and the masks that will measure their gait, intake of the oxygen and other variables and then had to run on the treadmill at three, increasingly swift speeds. Then she had the female slip on calf compression sleeves and she repeated the tests of the treadmill.

Though, she didn’t find any statistical difference in their running efficiency or biomechanics when they wore the sleeves and when they did not. Based on the results, lower leg compression sleeves are unlikely to improve the endurance running performance.

Other studies of women’s compression base layer have produced the same results. The study has shown that the compression layer does not increase the flow of blood to the leg muscles after exercise. Although, blood flow is supposed to be one of the primary means by which the clothes get the speedy recovery.

It has been found that the exercise itself increases the blood flow to the muscles but the compression capris did not augment that flow and also reduced the amount of blood reaching the muscles.

In recent studies, about 50 percent of the subjects like compression, 30 percent are different and 20 percent don’t like this at all. These clothes need to be worn for several hours after the session of the exercise. There is no negative effect on wearing the compression clothing.