Aeroking Token at a Glance

We attempt to use Ethereum technology in simplifying the airline ticketing process, though this has long been suggested as a possible Blockchain use case.

Aeroking Token will base on the existing connection available for booking flights through the IATA certified agencies. With this Blockchain powered booking and ticketing system users of Aeroking Token will enjoy these benefits;

1. Drastically reduce settlement times between airlines and the agents to approximately (1minute).

2. Eradicate the issue of double booking.

3. Real time booking with blockchain enabled technology.

4. Reduce agency fee to as low as 2%, while booking through Aeroking Token platform.

5. 5% discount on all flights booked with Aeroking Token.

6. Holders of Aeroking Token will be able to book for flights with their token through the Aeroking Token app.

7. Holders of this token will be able to make hotel reservations and car hire with their token through the app.

8. Reseller Services: Trying to cancel a booked flight might be so difficult and can come with hefty fees. With Aeroking Token you will be able to sell previously booked vacations/tours/trips to another traveler.

9. Aeroking Token Card will be usable to book flights.

Features of the App

Ability to book any flight from anywhere in the world with over 20 cryptocurrencies. Flights booked with Aeroking Token will attract a discount of 5%.

Simplified and Decentralized Real-Time Airline Ticketing

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Aeroking Token

Aeroking Token

Simplified and Decentralized Real-Time Airline Ticketing

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