Pani Puri Chronicles

If today were to be my last day on Earth, I would be making a trip to the Chaatwala to have one last plate of Pani Puri before doing anything else. People who share this love for Pani Puri will understand what I mean.

I love all kinds of Chaat but Pani Puri was and always will remain my favourite. Exam tension? Bad day at work? Small celebration? Food craving? Pani Puri is the perfect answer to all of these.

The feeling you get when the puri breaks in your mouth is incomparable. The aftertaste is a treat of spicy and tangy flavour.

Pani Puri is eaten all over the country, although it is called by different names. Some might call it Pani Puchka while others might call it Golgappa.

On the inside pani puri is filled with magical potatoes, ragda, sprouts, boondi or chana.

I am up for a plate of pani puri anytime, anywhere!

For the love of Pani Puri, I have tried many different types — right from the roadside thelas to high end restaurants which serve flavoured Pani such as Kairi flavour and Orange flavour.

A plate of pani puri is never complete without the sukha puri or meetha puri or masala puri and chaat lovers can often be seen demanding “Bhaiya ek sukha puri toh dena” without any shame as if it is their right! Some people even demand more pani, before saying “Ye toh bahut theekha hai, aur ek masala puri dijiye bhaiya

So let’s just keep clam and eat pani puri.

Written by Rutuja Kulkarni

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