April 18, 2019, Hong Kong — SmartUp Global Blockchain Incubation Platform has attracted many investors and project partners since its launch in January this year. SmartUp held the “SmartUp Blockchain Idea Incubator Preview & APAC Strategic Partnerships Press Conference” in Hong Kong Science Park on April 18. It announced that their “Blockchain Incubation Platform 2.0” will be initiated in the coming May and they signed three separate memorandum of understanding (MoU) with several parties on strengthening the blockchain ecosystem in Asia Pacific.

Thanks CoinsNetwork for reporting us. SY Chan, our Chief Investment Officer, said in the below interview that “the big theme of this year is ‘Build’, while HODL is for investors.”

To most of the crypto people, 2018 might be the year of “suffering” when Bitcoin price dropped over 80% from the historical high in late 2017 of $20,000.

SY Chan, Chief Investment Officer at SmartUp, told CoinsNetwork in an interview that Bitcoin price would be relatively stable, and this year will be the year of “BUILD” and “HODL (meaning holding)”.

Bitcoin price has also entered a horizontal range between $3,000 and $4,000 since the end of November last year. Technically, SY Chan believes that “the bottom has been tested several times, and $3,400 level would be stable.”

“In spite…

9 November 2018

SmartUp, a global blockchain incubation platform, is pleased to announce that ex-UBS director SY Chan has joined our team in Hong Kong as Chief Investment Officer.

Ex-UBS director SY Chan joins SmartUp as Chief Investment Officer

Prior to joining SmartUp, Mr. Chan was a director at UBS’s equity research department and held a number of senior positions at Barclays and JP Morgan. During his career at the investment banks, he had participated in several signature IPOs in the US, HK and China with capital raised over US$8bn in aggregate. He is also the founder of Jadeite Research, an independent research house focusing on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency…

30 October, 2018

SmartUp, a Hong Kong-based global investment and crowdfunding platform built on blockchain technology, has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Blockchain Research Institute of Korea University, jointly pursuing opportunities in blockchain industry in China, Hong Kong and Korea.

SmartUp signs MoU with Korea University

The MoU focused on establishing a cooperation framework in the field of blockchain research as well as Security Token Offering (STO) and corresponding use cases. SmartUp and Korea University will share resources, opportunities and research results.

In addition, the two parties will work together to develop and implement educational materials, organize campaigns and joint research projects, and support talent development programs relating to blockchain technology and applications.

“It is our great pleasure to work with Korea University. Apart from blockchain research, promoting and implementing Security Token Offering (STO) legally is also a significant and exciting issue which…

26 October, 2018

SmartUp, a global incubation and crowdfunding platform built on blockchain technology, is pleased to announce its launch on CoinBene. SmartUp users can buy SmartUp Token at CoinBene, the world’s top 20 cryptocurrency exchanges.

SmartUp is now available at CoinBene (Featuring SMARTUP/ETH trading)

SmartUp connects projects, investors and service providers around the world. With distributed ledger technology and smart contracts, SmartUp can help project teams access to capital and resources with greater efficiency and help investors gain transparency throughout the investment cycle like never before.

Through SmartUp’s exclusive “Distributed Due Diligence” mechanism, SmartUp users can earn rewards by verifying data, this improves information transparency and builds trust among parties. Investors can achieve transparent investment and post-investment management, reduce investment risks and fraud. …


A global incubation and crowdfunding platform built on blockchain technology.

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