Cheaper version of HoloLens glasses or made by ASUS build

Wearable devices unprecedented excitement in the market, other than the smart bracelet, watch, and head-mounted devices as well as smart glasses and so on. Apple, Motorola, Huawei issued a smart watch; companies such as Sony, Samsung and Oculus launched the headset. Microsoft is also actively developing a HoloLens holographic glasses.

However, Microsoft will no longer be the only technology companies using augmented reality glasses HoloLens because Taiwan computer makers Asustek (ASUS) CEO jonney Shih said in media interviews, consider Microsoft HoloLens prototype, create the ASUS version of the augmented reality glasses.

Although jonney Shih did not disclose further details about ASUS intends to develop augmented reality glasses, Microsoft Executive Vice President Terry Myerson says jonney Shih is still under evaluation. Cath Kidston iPhone 6 plus cover

In addition, Microsoft plans to release next year developers HoloLens, sells for up to $ 3000, as to when the civilian version of the for sale cheap HoloLens,HoloLens joked: “when my child HoloLens when playing my world down, is the listed time. ”

Maybe someone will ask why ASUS does not choose Google, based on Google Glass glasses? Google Glass glasses are very small, light weight, wear and glasses is not very different. Moreover, compared with HoloLens Microsoft, Google Glass at cheaper prices, developer version for $ 1500.

Perhaps because Google Glass encountered a number of obstacles, is considered to be a failure of the “semi-finished”. For this reason, Google decided to redesign the Google Glass, and will no longer publish a developer version, until the product do the best will be published.

Jonney Shih believes that first Google Glass failed because they failed to realize the augmented reality, and according to the actual needs of consumers not doing enough intelligence.

Jonney Shih said: “when Google really make good use of the advantages of cloud services, users can feel the advantage of augmented reality, then the market can truly move forward. ”

In addition, Google Glass was also plagued by questions, consider it an invasion of privacy, that in many public places are disabled.

May be due to various considerations, ASUS decided to partner with Microsoft. Of course, Google would like Microsoft authorized ASUS, is also a problem. Cath Kidston iPhone 6+ plus covers

Terry Myerson from Microsoft explains: “everything Microsoft hardware devices do, ecological systems are designed to make Windows better. This is the reason why HoloLens this category we invest. ”

In other words, Microsoft wants to charge licensing fees HoloLens a product “category”, and not just a smart glasses. That is to say, the future can be more manufacturers publish HoloLens based augmented reality glasses.

Licensing will become a new way of Microsoft’s revenue. To know Microsoft’s own HoloLens price of us $ 3000, whether product category or price, determines the sales of this product will not be too many, profits will be limited. If relaxed licensed to other manufacturers, income-generation and perhaps easier, but also conducive to the promotion of HoloLens glasses.

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Originally published at on January 30, 2016.