For a small group of students SlimType QWERTY clamshell mobile phone housing

Even now the whole era of touch-screen phones, there are a lot of people love the physical keyboard, so BlackBerry launch Priv still has a certain market. How to balance the larger screen and a physical keyboard is a problem, from Norway’s One2Touch company gives their opinion of the answer: SlimType QWERTY clamshell mobile phone cover. VERUS iPhone 6 Case

SlimType iPhone shell with the flip cover looks very similar, but don’t open a world: on the flip side has a full QWERTY keyboard. According to the official website introduction: this phone is adapter using NFC and mobile (using the work you need to download a special app) without battery power. Equipped with shortcut keys can be quickly opened the mail, calendar, contacts, and Web applications, enhance the speed of user replies to emails and text messages, quick notes. VERUS iPhone 6 Case

It is regrettable that, even if we wanted to start with for the time being has not yet been released, but this phone just fit the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge,iPhone users can’t use. Sells for $ 39, providing Pearl White color, precious black and cherry red three. Look at this keyboard, similar to the Microsoft Surface early designs, feel may be worse than expected, the actual effect is yet to be verified.


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Originally published at on August 4, 2016.

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