Founder of legend Nikola Tesla

Tesla Tesla Electric cars the household name. And Tesla’s real masters of this name is the existence of a God that make people gasp: 1000 patents, founder of the AC, radio founder, x-ray’s first, lightning master … … — Nikola Tesla those titles belong to the same person.

As America’s first Tesla drone led driver deaths in the country continues, Tesla’s car being pushed up into the air waves again [1]. Dare to innovate, continue to challenge black technology, label appears to be company. Tesla’s name may be due to the company and a household name, but the real masters of this name, more people are convinced of boundless creative genius!

▲ The Tesla drive [2]

Invented the AC system, wireless energy transmission, radios, the earliest confirmed x-rays, 1000 patents! [3] he is that you are not familiar with Tesla’s achievements. Nikola Tesla (Nikola Tesla) was born on July 10, 1856. The autumn of 1882, Tesla to the Paris branch of the Edison telephone company as an engineer and designed the first induction motor model. In 1884, Tesla first set foot on United States soil, came to New York, began at the Edison United States laboratory. Began his legendary creations.

Tesla came to the United States the following year, he left the Edison laboratory. Tesla meets the head of Westinghouse Westin House (George Westinghouse), was invented in 1885 Polyphase currents and legend technology is now widely used around the world 50–60Hz (Hz) power. In January 1893, in Chicago, in an opening ceremony of the World Expo, Tesla shows AC power supply capacity of 90,000 light bulbs were lit simultaneously, stunned the audience, because DC has virtually failed to this effect. Later, Tesla was the host of the show was a Niagara hydropower station electric power design (the first hydropower). Mainstream AC instead of DC power supply. Tesla gave up AC patents, AC no patent, be free inventions. Disney mini cases

• Nikola Tesla motor [3]

Long before 1895, Tesla test to produce x-rays, and Yu Lunqin confirmed his discovery (includes pictures taken x-rays of his hand, then he will send the Roentgen). Tesla discusses x ray experiments are described in some damage to the human body. But these subsequent Edison do x-rays in medical experiments proving — -Edison himself due to prolonged exposure to radiation and nearly blind, his assistant, hands amputated due to excessive radiation, leading, but eventually died of pulmonary and Mediastinal cancer. [4]

• Tesla’s hand x-rays [4]

Electric car now want a wireless charging, charging in mobile, solving range anxiety. In more than 100 years ago in fact, Tesla had begun to use between the ionosphere and low frequency resonance study of electromagnetic wave to convey energy and Earth’s surface, of which the most famous is the wodengkelifuta building. Unfortunately this hope transatlantic wireless transmission project to end the first world war have been demolished, but handed down some data shows Tesla does for wireless energy transfer.

• Tesla light wireless bulb [5]

In addition, in 1897, Tesla, Marconi’s radio communication theory a reality. In 1898, he produced the world’s first radio-controlled ship, radio-controlled technology patent (United States patent number #613.809). Other inventions include radio, radar, a fax machine, vacuum tubes, neon tubes, missiles, navigation, planetary defense systems. Even his name unit of magnetic density (1 Tesla = 10,000 Gause) more indicative of his contributions on the magnetism of [4]. Disney iPad Mini Case

Tesla Motors is named the company Tesla, which is both a tribute and honor against the great, is to break of their company, creative expectations and endorsements. Rumors of Nikola Tesla many — the Tunguska explosion, a beam weapon, unified field theory, and so on. These rumours true or false, but undeniable Tesla I legend and great color.

Know Tesla, ancestors of light illuminate the future.


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