Google driverless July monthly report a month of relative calm

Earlier this month, many companies have started to publish the report last month. If July was clouded a month for Tesla, that Google is much calmer. Google’s driverless cars today released the July monthly report, which showed in this past July, Google’s driverless car spent a month of relative calm.

Google in July, some emergency tests, such as short circuits or software problems. Google driverless car has upgraded the sensor system can become more keenly monitor the movement of vehicles around. Google also for unmanned vehicles equipped with auxiliary systems. iPhone 6 leather cases

In July, Google’s driverless car there was a traffic accident. Google driverless cars slowing to a speed of 11 kilometers behind by a car and car parts were injured, but no one was injured.

Google, which has a total of 58 driverless cars-24 Lexus RX450h SUV and 34 prototypes are in Washington State, California, Arizona and Texas, and a test drive. Google driverless cars today has exceeded more than 1.8 million miles (2.897 million miles). iPhone 6 leather

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Originally published at on August 4, 2016.

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